Our brands


Most of the products sold in store are provided by the Passion Brands.

These products are born of the observation of our customers and imaging new products suited to each sport usage. Every Passion brand responsibility is to create and imaging the sports activities of the future, working in partnership with theResearch & DevelopmentCenter. 

Our Passion Brand products, through their simplicity, their quality, their availability and their unbeatable prices, are the very incarnation of our project.



Coming from the Mona Blanc, Quechua, the world's leading outdoor brand vitalizes our mountain-climbing, hiking, camping, Nordic ski products and let everyone enjoy the pleasure of mountain sports.



Team sports brand from Europe, including basketball/ football/ Volleyball/Rugby, etc. Our products, from balls, shoes, textile, bags,to all the accessories, give you full protection.

We keep on innovation, to make you enjoy the pleasure of team sports.



Running sports brand

Kalenji's products are designed to enable runners, whatever their ability, whatever their rhythm and wherever they run (urban or nature) to run free from the constraints associated with the sport, to run with pleasure.




Domyos, an Decathlon brand, design textile and equipment for fitness, gym, combat sports and dancing. Its value is happy, desirable, inspired and simple.

Get fit with Domyos products; enjoy optimum comfort in your sports.



Nabaiji is a swimming brand that celebrates swimming.



Designed by water!

Tribord is a water sports brand.



B'TWIN is the cycling brand of the Decathlon network.

Our mission is to make cycling available to everyone, at all levels and for all uses, through innovative and high-quality products. 



With Artengo, I start, I progress and I perform. 

Artengo offers you the opportunity to (re)discover the joy of Badminton, Tennis, table tennis and squash. Artengo equipment, both innovative and high-performance, provides instant enjoyment whatever your ability.



Newfeel provides simple, comfortable and stylish products to help you rediscover the joys and benefits of walking. So why not do some sport every time you walk out the door ?



Inesis, the golf brand. We are committed to make golf accessible to all and "free your swing"!



Snow outside, smile inside 



Fouganza - Horse Riding Emotion - The brand wich combines Rider and Horse.

Fouganza reveals the links between riders and horses, what is factors of pleasure and emotions.



Since 1860, Simond, located at Mont Blac, has been creating the safe, comfort and high-performance climbing equipment for over 150 years, letting people enjoy the fun from extreme sports and exploration.



Caperlan is the fishing's brand of the group Decathlon. Our young French brand has for vocation to make discover, share and to increase the pleasure of the fishing.



GEOLOGIC is intention is to enable everyone to challenge their dexterity whilst enjoying target sports by developing innovative, safe and intuitive products and services enabling people to discover and become better sporting follower of precision.



Solognac - for wildlife encounters

Solognac is a brand for active outdoor sports, for people who seek harmony with nature.



OXELO – a brand for roller and skate

Roller, skate, ice skating, scooter, jump, countless word to describe the sports fun what Oxelo bring to you.



Aptonia takes care of your body with providing the most professional and comprehensive sports nutrition products.



With the professional electronic sports gear, you can manage your sports scientifically. Enjoying the fun and revolution of sports.



ORAO committed to develop high-tech sports eye-ware with the combination of performance and fashion.