ARPENAZ 25° camping sleeping bag

25°C. Warm weather special. Our most compact sleeping bag, that can be kept folded with its elastic. Guaranteed 5 years.

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ARPENAZ 25° camping sleeping bag
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25°C. Warm weather special. Our most compact sleeping bag, that can be kept folded with its elastic. Guaranteed 5 years.

Designed for Designed for Sleeping in temperatures of 25°C or more when CAMPING

Product benefits
  • Warmth

    Comfort temperature 25°C / Limit temperature 20°C

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  • Easy transport

    Weight 550 g / Volume 3,5 L / Elastic strap

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  • Sleeping comfort

    Size 185 x 75 cm / 1/2 Zip

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  • Compatibility

    This sleeping bag cannot be paired

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  • Easy maintenance

    Can be machine washed easily, follow the maintenance advice

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  • Environmental impact

    Comparing the life cycle: sleeping bag - sustainability.decathlon.com

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  • No Gender
  • Hiking
  • Day Hiking, Trekking, Bivouacking
  • Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Padding : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  • Temperature of use: We display the "comfort temperatures" of all our sleeping bags tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) in compliance with European Standard EN 13537 of 11/04/2002. The "comfort temperature" is the lowest comfortable temperature at which a user in a relaxed position is generally in thermal balance and is neither hot nor cold (determined for a standard woman and in normal conditions of use). CHOOSE YOUR SLEEPING BAG ACCORDING TO THIS CRITERIA
  • What are the "limit of use" temperatures? Limit comfort temperature: limit temperature at which the sleeping bag user in curled up position is generally in thermal balance and is neither hot or cold (determined for a standard man and in normal conditions of use).
  • However, what you should know about these temperatures: A sleeping bag does not produce heat but "preserves" bodily heat. If you are exhausted and cold and get into your cold and damp sleeping bag, you are likely to be cold, no matter how good the sleeping bag is! These temperatures depend on the person's resistance to cold (body size, fatigue, etc), their equipment (mattress to insulate from the ground, etc), their clothing (naked, underwear) and the climatic conditions (damp, wind).
  • A few tips to warm up before entering your sleeping bag: Dress simply (1 layer of clothing is enough). Keep your extremities warm: hat, gloves, socks, hand warmers, friction... A flask of hot water can be used as a hot water bottle (if there is no risk of it opening accidentally!) Contract your muscles (70% of energy consumed is transformed into heat) but without making movements that will create a cold draught.
  • Composition Inner and outer fabric: 100% polyester. Wadding: 100% polyester wadding 60 g/sqm.
  • A score for comparing products' environmental impact The product's environmental impact is calculated across its entire life cycle using different indicators. An overall ABCDE score is attributed to help you more readily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing the same type of product (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.) ...). Decathlon is voluntarily committed to visually displaying environmental information. For more information visit: http://sustainability.decathlon.com/
Sleeping bag guaranteed 5 years from date of purchase on the receipt. The product covered by the guarantee will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The guarantee covers faults affecting your sleeping bag excluding those resulting from normal use and t
Care advises
  • Easily tidy up your sleeping bag by stuffing it in its bag feet first. To keep its volume, required for its thermal performance, remove the cover and store it in a dry place.


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Passion Brand

To create and provide innovative products with environmentally friendly design at the most reasonable price

Created in 1997, Quechua is the Decathlon's hiking sports brand. We design and manufacture products for hiking in all its forms. From hiking to mountain trail via Nordic skiing, ski-safari, snow-shoe walking, camping and bivouac. The word "Quechua" originates from the heart of the Peruvian Andes Indian tribes - they are highly-skilled mountain sports enthusiasts, their sincere affection towards mountain and their spirit of preserving nature act as the guide our brand as we proceed forward.
Quechua headquarter located at the foot of Mont Blanc reflects our value: closer to the mountains and our customers. During Quechua’s product development, we always abide by our three promises to customers i.e. to ensure that our products must be innovative, of an environmental-friendly design and be sold at the most reasonable price.


Fun Freedom Respect Harmony Sharing

Since 2002, Quechua has been working closely with more than twenty technical partners. They participate in product development with our engineers and designers. Among them are outstanding cross-country runners such as Dawa Sherpa, Vincent Delebarre, Guillaume Le Normand, these top athletes bring their wealth of experience and information that mountain sports professionals need which strongly facilitate our design and development of high-performance products. Hence, our customers coming from various levels of expertise can enjoy high quality products which involve the participation of professional athletes in the design process. Regarding our scientific partners, the Institute for Training and Mountain Medicine Research (IFREMMONT) is the best center for the project in Europe. IFREMMONT provides training courses for doctors and other non-physician group rescue personnel (guides, rescue teams, travel organizers, etc.), and also started a training course for individuals who need to travel to faraway places or dangerous places. 


        Observeur du design 2013 (The Observeur du design is an annual award that aims to highlight and reward a selection of the best creations resulting from the collaboration between companies and designers. From the range of creations submitted each year, which runs at around 200 on average, an independent jury of professionals and international experts awards "Stars" to the most outstanding products.

      Details please find on the Quechua French website of the link below: http://www.quechua.com/fr-FR/news/798/la-tente-2-seconds-xxl4-skyview-primee-a-l-observeur-du-design.html) Innovation Awards by Decathlon in 2005: The 2 Seconds tent

Chinese: www.quechua.com/zh/    English: www.quechua.com

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