You can easily find everything you need to play outdoor badminton in Decathlon - rackets, shuttlecocks and our Easy Net! Get it online or checkout with Click and Collect 1 Hour so you can be ready to play at no time. Take advantage of this popular sport today with Decathlon.

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Badminton is a very popular sport in HK due to its ease of access. It is very easy to start the sport with a racket and shuttlecocks. Sport users usually book courts at LSCD, but it is difficult to book most of the time with the high demand. Alternatively, some housings offer free outdoor badminton courts without nets, or people play at parks or free spaces.

When playing indoors, choose a feather shuttlecock optimal for speed; Get a plastic shuttlecock playing outdoor, which is easier to control and more durable under outdoor conditions. If you want to advance your level, you need a racket with a stiffer shaft for more control and speed and a pair of non-marking sole shoes that provide good ankle support. Put on some stretchy badminton clothes to guarantee freedom of movement, and get a racket cover or bag to protect your racket and store all your equipment together.

Apart from improving muscle strength and burning fat, playing badminton has unique benefits, like increasing reflex action. As a quick sport, it requires lightening reflexes from one to another, both physically and mentally.

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