Chairs, Tables, Shower Equipment

Camping Chairs, Tables, Shower Equipment

While your tent is one of the most important parts of your camping equipment, the camping furniture will help turn that tent into a home for the duration of your camp.

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Decathlon camping furniture in Hong Kong

In order to adapt to all of our tent sizes, you can find a wide range of foldable camping tables, foldable camping chairs, camping blankets and other storage units. These products are intended to make your life easier in the camp by allowing you to add a certain comfort when cooking and especially when eating.

Find our foldable camping tables and storage units to make cooking and eating in your camp so much easier. Two table heights are available depending on your needs: high and low tables.

Have a look at our camp chairs: from tripods to armchairs via chairs, also available in high or low heights, you will inevitably find the camping seat that suits you the best.

For outdoor picnics, we sell blankets. You can use them as tablecloths or to insulate yourself and your food from the ground.

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