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Browse our selection of cross training shirts, sports bras, shorts, and leggings. We stock cross training clothing for men and women that are designed to provide comfort, breathability, and moisture wicking. Find out more at Decathlon’s Hong Kong stores or online, where you can check other cross training equipment available.

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From 02/11/2019 to 31/12/9999

520 Women's Cardio Fitness Sports Bra - Black

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500 Women's Cross Training Seamless Leggings - Black/Blue

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Weight Training Compression T-Shirt - Blue

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    Wearing the right cross training clothing is essential to having a productive workout, and there are a variety of factors that influence the effectiveness of the clothes you choose.

    For example, regular cotton clothes may be the conventional pick for most casual workouts. However, cotton fabric absorbs and retains sweat and moisture, resulting in an uncomfortably wet and clinging sensation. Moreover, cotton fabrics are well known for their insulation, elevating your body temperature. Rubber or plastic based clothing also have a similar effect, making it harder for sweat to evaporate.

    For best results, consider products that are designed with ventilation and moisture management features, like this women’s fitness cardio training sports bra.

    You may prefer to wear shorts or leggings for your workout, in which case breathability and moisture wicking is necessary as well. When choosing cross training clothing, you may consider these Domyos training shorts, or these cardio leggings which are ideal for regular training.

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