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Discover our full road bikes and gravel bikes range from Triban and Van Rysel. Whether you are a regular or occasional cyclist, in competition or leisure, or looking for an aluminium or carbon frame, you will find a bike adapted to your practice at Decathlon.
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Q : What is the difference between a road bike and a gravel bike?

A : Road bikes position the rider in a low, sporty, aerodynamic position. Conversely, gravel bikes have a longer wheelbase and higher head tube, allowing the rider to sit in a more upright and comfortable position. This posture improves stability and manoeuvrability, especially on uneven or unpredictable terrain.

Q : Are gravel bikes as fast as road bikes?

A : The average speed of a road bike on asphalt can be 25-30 km/h (15-18 mph), while a gravel bike typically averages 20-25 km/h (12-15 mph). Gravel bikes, which are fitted with wider tyres, offer greater off-road efficiency than road bikes.

Q : Are gravel bikes good for climbing?

A : Gravel bikes often have a wider range of gears, similar to mountain bikes. This feature allows the rider to use larger gears, allowing a faster pedalling cadence at lower speeds. This is useful when climbing steep inclines and provides extra stability when riding over rough and uneven terrain.

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