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In HK, there are lots of public and private tennis courts. Sport users usually do private classes at clubs or Hong Kong Tennis Association. The playing level has also been increasing, with some young players like Coleman Wong and Cody Wong getting very good results at international opens.

It may be fine for a game or two, but not in the long run! Make sure you are fitted out with the best and latest tennis gear to facilitate your performance. Our tennis shop will fulfil all your needs, including rackets, clothing, footwear, and balls.

To start the sport, we recommend choosing a light and head heavy racket for higher power and accuracy, and softer balls for less bounce and easier control. You also need light and cushioned shoes for protection. If you want to advance, get a head light racket for better precision, and more pressurised balls to train your agility.

Benefits of playing tennis include increasing aerobic capacities, improving muscle strength and increasing reaction times.

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