Badminton | badminton benefits for children

The word "exercise" keeps coming up and is often linked to physical condition and health. But for children, what are the real benefits of sports, especially badminton?


Badminton is a great sport to help your child grow. With the right equipment, your child can train with peace of mind. Hurry up and pick up your racket!

Development of limb coordination and physiological functions

Your child's body is in a developing state, and it is important to gradually develop physical coordination. In fact, the child's overall body shape has not yet fully grown, and some parts must be strengthened. The purpose of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock, so that his physiological functions can develop well. In order to successfully hit the shuttlecock, he must always maintain his body's mobility, keep a good distance from the shuttlecock, and make a correct shot posture to hit the shuttlecock back to his opponent. He will be aware of his body, ability, and limitations in space. This is an integral part of his psychomotor learning. He will learn about physical awareness and perception of space.


Build muscle strength

In addition to building coordination, your child will also be able to build muscle and build strength through badminton. In fact, this is a great choice for the development of various parts of the child's body: 1. Upper body: hitting the shuttlecock, pelvic rotation, core muscle groups ...~2. Lower body: acceleration, direction change, jumping, endurance ... This strengthening of muscle strength will allow your child to learn the concept of balance, which is very important for his development. Playing badminton must be constantly balanced: the left and right legs constantly moving to support the body, jump and chase the shuttle.

kids badminton

Develop vision

If there is one sport that can train your child's concentration, it is badminton. The serve always has a different trajectory: the flight trajectory of the shuttlecock can be straight or curved, cross or non-cross. When analyzing the motion trajectory, it is necessary to test your eyesight. Your child will develop better visual abilities.


4/psychological and social development

If "physical development" is very important for a child, so is psychological development. Because during training, your child will get to know concepts that are quite vague to him, but it will increase his mental development. Badminton is a team sport and you practice with others face to face all the time. Your child will develop his own autonomy and make decisions for himself. These decisions will shape his self-esteem and autonomy. This is an important part of your child's growth. In terms of social perception, it is always good to play sports. It creates social connections outside of school and social life circle, and build relationships in different aspects: such as physical performance and role in groups.