Basketball|bt500x basketball review: the ideal street basketball with an exceptional grip

Are Decathlon’s basketballs a good buy? We’ve asked Lau Chun Sing from On Ching Basketball Team (Hong Kong A2 Division) to share his thoughts on the BT500X basketball.

籃球|實測BT500X籃球 手感出色的街場籃球

At Decathlon, we value feedback from our customers, which enables us to make continuous improvements and ensure that our products are better suited to our customers’ needs. We recently invited Chun Sing Lau from On Ching Basketball Team to put the BT500X to the test.

Scope of test
Player: Lau Chun Sing
Daily training: 3000 to 5000 bounces per session
Duration: 3 to 4 months
Location: Basketball courts across Hong

The BT500X is ideal for street basketball – even on sandy outdoor surfaces, the ball still provides a good level of friction. Dust accumulated on the ball during the first few days of use, but this could be wiped off easily with a cloth.


The BT500X doesn’t slip out of your hand – the grain pattern provides an excellent grip and the seams don't scratch your hands. It has a really great feel, which is one of the BT500X’s biggest selling points. Also, I tend to sweat a lot, but the surface of the ball never became slippery and I was able to maintain excellent control.

籃球|實測BT500X籃球 手感出色的街場籃球


The surface of the ball holds up really well. I do a lot of dribbling practice, and on a typical day the ball gets bounced around 3000-5000 times. This ball can easily be used for three or four months – compared with other balls which start to show signs of wear after just one month, the BT500X is really durable.

On other basketballs, the carcass (the black section underneath the cover) cracks after just one month of use, which causes the basketball to lose its shape and affects your ability to control the ball. The carcass on the BT500X is made of a high-quality material that easily lasts for 3 to 4 months.

籃球|實測BT500X籃球 手感出色的街場籃球


As a mid-range basketball, the BT500X offers an outstanding grip and is better value for money compared with other FIBA-accredited balls on the market

籃球|實測BT500X籃球 手感出色的街場籃球
籃球|實測BT500X籃球 手感出色的街場籃球

Chun sing lau

Height: 188 cm
weight: 89 kg
position: small forward

Chun Sing Lau has played in both the A and B Divisions of the Hong Kong basketball league and currently plays for On Ching. Due to his frequent street appearances, he is very popular among local basketball fans. Before becoming a professional, he would visit outdoor courts all across Hong Kong and learn new skills from other players.