Basketball | how to choose the right basketball  

Picking the right size of basketball requires some knowledge of the sports. Which size of basketball you choose is going to be determined by your age, gender, and types of basketball courts. Lau Chun Sing, aka Kingcivilian, is here to share with you some tips on how to choose the right basketball for street and outdoor courts.

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1. Why is choosing the proper size basketball important?

Sing: “It is very important to pick the right basketball because playing with an incorrectly sized ball can have long-term negative effects on a player’s technique. When younger players use a larger basketball, they tend to compensate by shooting with both arms or dropping the shoulder, thus developing bad shooting habits.

Additionally, different leagues have various restrictions regarding the size, material, and colour of the basketball. So how to choose the right basketball? In my coaching experience, all primary schoolers will use size 5 balls, girls in middle school will use size 6 whereas boys will use size 7. Different sizes of basketball are made specifically for different age groups and genders.”

Basketball | How To Choose The Right Basketball

Size 1

- Suitable for kids under age 4 


Size 3

- Suitable for kids aged 4 to 6 


Size 5

- Suitable for kids ages 7 to 10.

Wizzy Size 5

Size 5 wizzy

- Suitable for kids aged 7 to 10- 18% lighter than regular size 5 to make dribbling and shooting easier

BT500 size 6

Size 6

- OFFICIAL SIZE for women and girls ages 11 and up- Suitable for boys ages 11 to 12.


Size 7

- OFFICIAL SIZE for men and boys ages 13 and up.

2. Are there any differences between indoor and outdoor  street basketballs?

Sing: “Absolutely! Budget-friendly basketballs are best to play outdoors and on street courts. Basketballs made with premium materials are prone to collecting dirt and dust, so they should be used for indoor playing.”

Basketball | How To Choose The Right Basketball

3. Which basketball is the best for outdoor play or street courts?

Sing: “Composite leather basketballs have better touch and grip while being durable enough to withstand dirt, moisture, and other elements, ultimately extending the life and playability of the basketball.”


Excellent grip

- Moisture Absorption Cover- Best Rated Outdoor Basketball- FIBA Approved- Size 7 Available


Excellent durability

- Great durability thanks to polyurethane outer cover.- FIBA Approved- Size 5, 6, 7 Available


Official 3x3 ball

- Size 6 Ball with weight of a Size 7 Ball (610g)- Designed for Official 3X3 Games

4. How to choose the right basketball for kids?

Sing: “Basketballs similar to Tarmak BT500X (Composite leather) are ideal for kids as the polyurethane cover gives the ball an excellent grip.”

Basketball | How To Choose The Right Basketball

5.What are rubber basketballs?

Sing: “Rubber basketballs are designed for kids, suitable for outdoor and street court. They are equipped with a cover construction designed to perform well in all-round weather conditions and will be much more durable on rough surfaces, also bouncier than composite leather, however, this compromises the touch and feel.”


Pebbled rubber cover

- Ball handling is enhanced thanks to the deep grooves and pebbled cover- Size 5, 6, 7 Available


Lightweight basketball

- Wizzy is a line of lightweight basketball- 18% lighter than other balls in the same size- Softer and lighter for beginner to practice shooting form- Size 5 Available

6. Which basketball is the best for indoor play?

Sing: “Most of the indoor basketball courts are made from polished hardwood which delivers good bounce while dribbling, as opposed to concrete floors. Microfibre basketballs offer better grip and feel than composite basketballs, making them a better choice for indoor play. But they are more prone to collecting dirt and dust, so this type of basketball is not recommended for outdoor or street courts.

Basketball | How To Choose The Right Basketball
Basketball | How To Choose The Right Basketball

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Chun Sing Lau has played in both the A and B Divisions of the Hong Kong basketball league and currently plays for On Ching. Due to his frequent street appearances, he is very popular among local basketball fans. Before becoming a seasoned professional, he would visit outdoor courts all across Hong Kong and learn new skills from other players.