Enjoy camping with your children this summer!

Camping is not only for fun and games, it is also great for child development. Hong Kong has many easily accessible campsites, so take the opportunity this summer and have some outdoor camping fun with the family!

camping family

Get hands on with the kids:

Camping is a temporal “home” relocation into the great outdoors. When you build this new “home” there are many jobs to be done - tents to be pitched, beds to be made and meals to be prepared. Let your kids give a helping hand and they will surely benefit from the skills learned.

Set up tent

Nature is an unlimited source of inspiration and creativity:

Being away from flashing video games, fancy dolls, and remote control cars, children will need to find alternate means of entertainment. Pebbles, leaves, sticks and stones become outdoor’s natural toys. Invent a game, make some art, let your children be creative.


Create precious childhood memories:

Camping with parents is something children will remember for the rest of their lives. Funny camp meals, stargazing at night, campfire stories. These bonding memories will be cherished by both parent and child.

camp with kid