Camping | what should i bring to school camping?

Many schools organise camping trips for students during school holiday. Parents with a gear checklist may feel confused about how to choose the best gear. We gather the most frequently asked questions below, and give you more ideas on choosing gear.

school kids camping
School camp gear list
School camp gear list

How to choose the right gear for my kids?

1. Backpack

Choose backpacks with adjustable torso length. Below two backpacks are fit for most kids after adjusting the torso length.

Those basic and large capacity, it can fully open by zipper. Packing easy design.Since every body size is different, it is recommended to try the backpack in person at the store.Talk to our Sport Leaders if you have questions.


Mh500 kids' 40 + 10L

Adjust the torso length before your kids carry them. Firstly, buckle and tighten the belt over the hips. Adjust the 2 shoulder straps without moving up the belt. Tighten the load adjustment straps to bring the backpack weight closer to your body. Finally, buckle chest straps so that the shoulder straps won't slide aside easily.

健行背包 FORCLAZ 50 L

Forclaz 50L

Adult-size backpack with adjustable back length, larger size for taller teens

2. Sleeping bag

Pay attention to the following points when choosing sleep bags: ~ 

Height vs sleeping bag length

If the sleeping bag is too small, you can’t turn around in it easily; sleeping bags that are too long will add unnecessary weight. The larger the space inside the sleeping bag, the more energy the body needs to keep warm. 


Environmental temperature vs comfort temperature

The sleeping bag is marked with "comfort temperature". It is wise to choose sleeping bags according to the weather. Note that the temperature at the campsite can be much lower than in the urban area, you may need to choose a sleeping bag with lower comfort temperature. 


Hood vs no hood

A sleeping bag without hood is more suitable for people who turn a lot when sleeping; since most of the heat dissipates from your head, sleeping bag with a hood is more efficient to reserve body temperature.


Material vs weight

Down sleeping bag is the lightest and the most expensive; synthetic fiber is usually heavier and the price is more affordable.


Arpenaz child camping sleeping bag 20°c 

Suitable for children under 140cm in height. Sleeping bags can be adjusted according to sleep habits. Unzip the sleeping bag to make it to a quilt and zip up to a sleeping bag.

2. Sleeping bag


3 possible settings to adapt to a child between 115 cm and 155 cm.


15° Light trekking sleeping bag MT500

It comes with size M, L and XL. Size M is suitable for a 170cm tall person or less, and fit for most women or teenagers. Its synthetic fiber provides better compression of the sleeping bag, which reduces overall weight and volume.

3. Sleeping mat

Sleeping mat improve sleeping quality, in addition to keep you away from the chill. There are different types of sleeping mats: foam, inflated, and self-inflated.

Foam - the lightest, easy to set up, easy to store; the one disadvantage is the large packed size. Usually tied outside backpack when carrying.

Inflated - available in different sizes and thicknesses. Depending on the material, the weight varies and have different styles.

Self-inflated - spongy placed inside the mattress and make it self-inflated. Usually thinner than the inflatable mat.


Foldable foam trekking mattress

When sleeping on the aluminised side, the foam side should face the ground to minimise body heat loss. Even kids can easily pack and unpack it.


Trekking mattress trek 700

Lightweight design and easy to inflate in 1-2 min. Thickness is 5cm with non-slip silicone patches. Reduced sleeping bag slippage.

4. Pillow

Of course pillow is a must!

Inflatable pillows save space and weight more than regular pillows and improve the sleep quality during camping.


Air basic camping inflatable pillow

The ergonomic design fits head shape and makes sleeping more comfortable.


Helium trekking pillow

Extra large one-way air valve, easy to inflate.Cover can be removed and cleaned, keep clean all the time.

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