Decathlon offers the Lifetime Warranty for bicycles.
No worry, we provide inspection and maintenance service.
If you have any enquiry, please contact our cycling teammates 5147-3291.


Why buy your bicycle from decathlon?

If you are looking to purchase a new bike, then it's easier to get it at Decathlon.
We offer different types of high quality bikes are available to take home in around 30 minutes from our stores.


In case of damage, take the bicycles back to our Tseung Kwan O or Mong Kok store.

Decathlon Cycling Workshop will help repair or replace the broken parts.

Decathlon cycling workshop

Tseung kwan O & Mong kong store

Installation bike guide for stem and pedals

handles bar & Pedals

b'twin ensuring the bikes' quality

We pay great attention to the design and product of B'Twin bikes, meeting highest market standards.

B'twin ensuring product safety

B'Twin complies strictly to European safety standards.

Our product testing laboratory in Lille, 
France manages their own design procedures and continuously improve product quality.


B'Twin provides unique cycling experience 
through its unique structural bike design, tools 
and specialised knowledge.

Provided B'Twin Warranty Service:  
 - If your bike is damaged, you can still repair it, without having to buy a new one


Lifetime Warranty: 
- Frame, stem and handlebar  
- Effective from the date of purchase of B'Twin bikes 
- Customers need to own 
"Decathlon" member account and
buy a B'Twin bike with lifetime warranty

2 Years Warranty:
- Original parts of the bicycle
 (except the parts which are easy to wear out)


Free to replace the same parts (functions) due to 
all parts or production defects acknowledged
by Decathlon Cycling Workshop.

B'Twin's customers can also enjoy a lifetime warranty for their bikes; we can possibly help you change 
the same function of model or color's bike, 
stem or handlebar when repaired.

Customers can visit our Tseung Kwan O or Mong Kok store for the maintenance service. 
Decathlon Cycling Workshop will complete 
the repair within a reasonable time 
depending on the circumstances.


Risk of Impingement: 
Damage caused by abnormal uses 
is not covered by the warranty
The product must be used normally 
in accordance with the applicable scope of design.
The original parts' specifications are made to 
match with the safety standard.   
 - If your bike changed other safety setting, 
it becomes ineligible to warranty

After purchasing the bike, 
you can visit Decathlon Cycling Workshop 
for free inspection and repair within 6 months.        
- Show the purchase record 
on Decathlon member account
- Inspection and maintenance shall be scheduled according to our workshop on the same day

Circumstances - not within the Warranty Coverage

  - Vulnerable part: Brake cable, Brake pads, Brake disc, Derailleurs cable, Chain, Tyres and Replacement of repair charge  
  - Damage caused by improper use or maintenance  
  - Damage not caused by Decathlon cycling workshop, but demolition by the third party  
  - No record of purchase and valid purchase certificate for the Decathlon member account  
  - The model shown in the record of the bicycle purchased by the Decathlon member account does not match the model of the bicycle repaired  
  - Damage caused by force majeure