Enjoy the holidays in nature! 3 tips for a memorable christmas camping trip

The festive season is fast approaching – Christmas and New Year is a time to get together with friends and family and enjoy the festive atmosphere. If you’re looking for an alternative way to spend this Christmas and want to avoid the crowds, why not plan a camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors?~ ~Decathlon has put together some useful tips on how to plan a memorable Christmas-themed camping trip.


1. Set up christmas decorations

Lights are essential for any camping trip. With a bit of thought, you can use lights to create a festive, cosy atmosphere. For example, in addition to a camping light, you could consider packing a lantern or fairy lights. Remember to use battery-powered lights, as most campsites do not have power sockets. You could also be creative and use recycled or natural materials to make your own eco-friendly Christmas decorations.


2. Prepare a special christmas menu

festive feast under the stars is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable Christmas! No matter a simple bowl of noodles or a full-course dinner, nothing is more satisfying than preparing your own food in the great outdoors or enjoying a cup of marshmallow hot chocolate on a cold winter day.


Our easy-clean cook set includes a frying pan, saucepan, cutlery and tableware. It is ideal for cooking outdoors. Simple dishes such as guacamole with tortilla chips, spaghetti bolognese and pan-fried chicken wings are perfect for outdoor camping trips. S’mores is another quintessential camping snack, especially during cold weather. Our camping range also includes an instant barbecue for quick and easy grilling when you’re on the move.~ ~We encourage you to bring your own cutlery and avoid using disposable items. If you bring your own food, place it in a cooler bag to keep it fresh.


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An innovative, high-performance ice box: keeps items fresh needing ice blocks. 


In durable stainless steel with two-layer aluminium base for efficient heating. Non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easier. 

3. Stargazing on christmas eve

Hong Kong’s clear autumn and winter skies are ideal for stargazing. The countryside is the best place to experience the night sky, away from light pollution and computer screens. Winter is also a great time to see shooting stars, such as the Geminids meteor shower which will occur from 4th to 17th December this year.~ ~To see the night sky in all its glory, switch off your camping lights. If you don’t want to be in pitch black, you can use a head torch with red light. Red lights do not make the pupils contract and therefore allow your eyes to stay accustomed to the dark, as well as preventing disturbances to the surrounding nature.~ ~Don’t forget to stay warm and cosy – warm clothing, sleeping bags and camping mats are essential. Temperatures in the countryside are lower than in the city, and you may encounter windy or wet conditions, so remember to wear enough. Also, don’t forget to take an extra layer for when you’re stargazing outside your tent. Inflatable camping mats and pillows are also useful – in addition to saving space, they make stargazing more comfortable and prevent neck strain.~ ~Last but not least, pack a warm sleeping bag – Decathlon’s sleeping bags are designed for a wide range of temperatures and environments and keep you warm at low temperatures. They will keep you well-rested under a blanket of stars.

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Our designers have designed this pillow to optimise sleep comfort when camping.


Our designers have created this sleeping bag to sleep comfortably at nature.

Important tips for christmas camping

1. Observe the camping site rules

Camping sites are especially busy during the festive season, so make a reservation to avoid disappointment. When planning your trip, check if  camping site will be open and whether the surroundings are suitable for beginners. For more information, read the tips in the following two articles.


2. Keep warm

Don’t underestimate the temperature difference in rural areas, and remember that you will feel colder in wet and windy conditions. Keeping warm is very important! We recommend using a waterproof camping mat to keep the ground moisture at bay and make sure that your tent stays warm and dry. Also, don’t forget to wear plenty of warm clothing and eat at regular intervals.


3. Respect other campers

Christmas is a popular holiday, so remember to respect other campers by keeping noise to a minimum and cleaning up after your stay.


Christmas is a popular holiday, so remember to respect other campers by keeping noise to a minimum and cleaning up after your stay.