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claire au yeung's running story

Mid to long runner from Mongkok store

YourPartnerInSports- Claire

In addition to offering an extensive range of sports products, Decathlon prides itself on employing a team of passionate athletes to support you on your sports journey. The 5 members of our running team all work in different positions and have their own unique stories to tell.

Road running is definitely most popular in Hong Kong, but an increasing number of students are developing an interest in track and field. I once met a customer who was a medium-distance runner like me, and I showed him the different products that we offer, such as track spikes and medium and long-distance running shoes. I also talked about my own experiences of using our products, which gave the customer more confidence.

Claire au yeung

21 years old
Sport: 400, 800 m track running
Sport Leader at Decathlon Mong Kok store

Claire is currently studying for a university degree. In her free time, she also works as a Sports Leader at Decathlon’s Mong Kok store and competes in track and field events, mostly the 400 m and 800 m. “I’ve been representing Hong Kong in track and field events for 7 years now. When I was in first grade at secondary school, I changed from triathlon to athletics, and I went to Mainland China to represent Hong Kong at the National Youth Championships, where I was qualified for the final. It was a really memorable experience.” I like the 800 m, because you have to use such a wide range of techniques in the space of just two and half minutes – it’s a real challenge.”

YourPartnerInSports- Claire

Although she has not participated in any competitions over the past year due to Covid-19, and despite on-and-off venue closures, Claire has persevered with her daily training routine. She goes on frequent road runs to keep fit, and continues to train for the Universiade (World University Games). Her daily routine consists of an early morning training session and university classes followed by an afternoon shift at Decathlon as a Sports Leader.

YourPartnerInSports- Claire

Claire's running gear choices:


Women's running tank top run light

This running top is suitable for general training or races. It features a
lightweight design with a cut that facilitates free shoulder movement.

I like to wear a tank top when running. This tank top is really good quality and dries quickly. It also matches anything and is really comfortable to wear.


Skincare kiprun breathable women's running t-shirt

Our design teams developed this women's seamless running T-shirt for extreme comfort in all seasons!

This fitted running T-shirt is like a second skin. The seamless finish on the sides prevents rubbing while you run.

Decathlon’s flexible working hours allow me to fit everything into my routine.

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