Fitness | 4 basic expander exercises! upper body focused

Expander is perfect for getting a full upper body workout.  Let's try now!

You can adjust different resistant levels in one band, perfect for training upper body!


1. Overhead triceps extensions

- Difficulty levels : ***

- Target muscles:Glutes & legs muscle groups

- Breakdown:Feet are shoulder-width apart and step on the side of the band firmly.

Loop the other side on the top of your shoulders and cross your arms in front of each other to keep the band in place.

Keep your back straight when squatting up and down.

Biceps Curls

2. Biceps curls

- Difficulty levels : **

- Target muscles:Arms 

- Breakdown:Hold a handle with an underhand grip. Step on the other end of the expander firmly then perform curls.

Shoulder Front Raises

3. Shoulder front raises

- Difficulty levels : **

- Target muscles:Shoulers

- Breakdown:Step on one end of the expander firmly. Raise your arm to shoulder level and then lower. Remember not to swing your body throughout the exercise.


4. Strandpulling

- Difficulty levels : **

- Target muscles:Chest

Hold the handles in each hand then pull them apart. Do not arch or hunch your back during the exercise

Grab the other side, palms facing upward and keep your elbows close to the side of your head.  Straight up your front arms above the top of your head together  .

Slowly going back and keep your elbows tight and stable the whole time.

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