Fitness | from training and equipment to recovery your complete guide to home workouts!

In a world where people work long hours, home workouts are becoming increasingly popular. Take a look at our home workout guide and find out how to get in shape in the comfort of your own home!

健身 | 由訓練、器材到恢復教學     居家健身完整攻略!

Home workout guide - upper body exercises

For many people, building a stronger upper body is the key motivation for working out. In addition, people in Hong Kong spend a long time sitting in the office and using their smartphones, which can cause hunched shoulders and a rounded back.

To tackle these problems, the most important muscle groups to target are the chest, back, biceps and triceps. Once you know how to use some of the basic equipment, you can do a whole range of exercises to train your upper body muscles, including face pulls, dips, inverted rows, and push-ups. Start training now with our Sports Ambassador Don!

居家練出好身材 - 上半身篇

Home workout guide - lower body exercises

Lots of gym-goers tend to skip leg day and only train their upper body. However, a pair of well-defined legs will make your shorts fit better in the summer, so don’t be tempted to neglect your lower body.

Click here to view a range of different squat exercises

In addition to using dumbbells and kettlebells, you can also train your lower body with a suspension trainer, which you can use to do exercises such as pistol squats. As well as toning your leg muscles, this exercise strengthens your quads and lower limb strength, which helps to reduce the risk of leg injuries and improve your balance.

居家練出好身材 - 下半身篇

Home workout guide - fat-burning cardio exercises

As well as training and toning your muscles, it’s also very important to do cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise can help you to lose weight (when combined with a diet control) by burning fat and calories, boost your metabolism, and give you even faster results!

There are many ways to do a cardio workout at home – try using a skipping rope or battle rope, or get together with some friends and do a HIIT workout.

居家練出好身材 - 帶氧消脂

Home workout guide - core exercises

Are you jealous of that friend with washboard abs? Start your workout routine now and sculpt a summer-ready six-pack! Our Sports Ambassador Don will show you how to train your abs at home with a range of different equipment, including an ab wheel, dumbbells, and a dip bar training station.

居家練出好身材 - 腹肌篇

Don’t forget about recovery!

Lots of beginners make the mistake of working out every day, even if their muscles are still aching from the day before. This may do more harm than good – as well as impairing your everyday activities, overtraining prevents you from performing at your best, so it’s essential to incorporate rest and recovery into your workout routine.

The best way to avoid stiff muscles is with a post-workout massage. A massage roller, massage ball, massage stick, or massage gun can help to stimulate circulation and get rid of lactic acid, which will relax your muscles and help you to fully recover before your next workout!