Hiking | decathlon support environmentally friendly products to protect our sporting environment 

Do you know there are over 3,000 environmentally friendly products in DECATHLON? Love HIKING? Support our protect our sporting environment!

green product

Decathlon environmentally friendly concept

green product

About organic cotton

Organic cotton is environmentally friendly, it refers to cotton haven't being genetically modified, cultivated in a fields where is without application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for 3 years or above.  It helps protect the biodiversity and soil fertility, reduces contaminate groundwater.


Contain organic cotton country walking t-shirt

This T-shirt is an environmentally friendly product, which 74% organic cotton and 26% recycled polyester. Polyester provide quick transfer of damp. The softness of cotton in direct contact with your skin. High cotton contents (74%) to limit odours.

green product

Forclaz desert 500 desert trekking scarf - blue

100% organically grown cotton. DECATHLON works with organic farmers to make this scarf. No chemical fertilizers or genetic modification in the cultivation. This scarf is sun-proof and sand-proof, and is a must-have accessory for desert hiking. It is an environmentally friendly product.

About dope dyed yarn

Dope dyed yarn is an energy saving & environmental friendly product. Due to doped dyed yarns are created by adding masterbatch colorant to the polymer melt in spinning, it substituted the most polluting process of dyeing.

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About pvc

Burning PVC will release dioxin, a carcinogenic air pollutant.  Dioxin is extremely stable, and it can be transported in the air for a long distance after burn and finally accumulate in the food chain. Therefore, buying an environmentally friendly products can help to protect the environment.

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About recycle material

recycle polyester refer to polyester thread made from recycled polyester bottle and limit our CO2 impact.


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