Hiking | Fast Hiking - Our Sport Leader Tell You What Is Fast Hiking

Our sport leader - Marie will tell you about fast hiking, her story and recommended route in Hong Kong.

Hiking | Fast hiking - Our Sport Leader Tell you What is fast hiking

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Fast hiking - A whole new way to experience the mountains

Hiking | Fast hiking - A new way of hiking in a dynamic and intense pace

Fast Hiking, aka Speed Hiking, is a mix of hiking and trail running. The pace is faster than walking, but slower than running. For speed hikers, taking in the scenery is their goal, rather than just pursuing speed. As an extended challenge to their usual hiking pace, it is more intense and dynamic.

Tips for enjoying hiking in the rain

Hiking | Tips for enjoying hiking in the rain

During the summer rainy season in Hong Kong, the weather can be hot and sunny one moment, and get rainy and stormy the next. What should you do if you encounter a heavy shower in the middle of a hike? Should you continue or end your hike earlier? Here are some gear and apparel tips, to keep your hike happy and safe.

How do you measure the waterproofing of a hiking jacket?

Hiking | How do you measure the waterproofness of a hiking jacket?

AA product is recognised as waterproof when it has the ability to stop rain getting through, thus protecting the hiker from bad weather. It is worth knowing that there are different levels of impermeability, and different tests to measure them. On the one hand, we consider the impermeability of a fabric, while on the other, we prove the impermeability of an entire product. Check that in addition to using a waterproof material, your jacket has waterproof zips.


Hiking | How to dry your hiking shoes and socks?

It is tricky to avoid getting wet when hiking in the wet season. Even if you wear excellent waterproof hiking shoes and rain pants, rain drops can slide into your shoes. Or you may step into a puddle soaking your shoes and socks. When we need to wear the same shoes and socks to carry on the journey on the next day, how should we dry the wet shoes and socks?



Reducing friction on your feet is a good way to prevent blisters. That’s why a pair of good hiking socks is very important.


Hiking | 3 Beautiful hiking routes for beginners in Hong Kong

Are you a novice yet enthusiastic hiker looking for an easy route with lovely scenery? At Decathlon, we have selected 3 of the most popular hiking routes for beginners in Hong Kong. Everyone should be able to enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful countryside from atop a mountain, no matter how experienced you are in hiking.



“Leave no trace” (short form is LNT) is an international movement to protect outdoors environments by teaching people how to enjoy it responsibly. To preserve the beauty and sanctity of mother nature giving you and your future generations the opportunity to enjoy your ground of practice for a longer time.