The water bottle has become a fashion accessory but remains an essential to take with you hiking, trekking or for a sports session.You still need to know how to choose well.To do this, there’s only one thing to do:Follow the guide!

How to choose a water bottle or water pouch - title

When hiking, trekking or during a sports session, it’s essential to stay hydrated before, after and during activity.Forget the plastic bottle and its devastating environmental effects and choose a water bottle!A trendy accessory but above all, more ecological, economical and practical than a disposable bottle.To help you choose the water bottle best suited to your needs, we will guide you through 3 criteria:choice of material, opening mechanism and volume of the water bottle!

Water bottles, water pouches and isothermal flasks:very different products

Choosing the water bottle for your hike, your trek or your sports session needs a little bit of fine-tuning.
Water bottles are versatile and come in different styles, materials, mechanisms and volumes.There is one for everything.As well as water bottles, other accessories are available to keep you hydrated when active:water pouch and isothermal flask.
We won't dwell on these two other products in this article.However, just a few words to point out the difference.

Water pouches:they slide into your backpack and come with a straw.You can drink directly from the straw without stopping.Their capacity varies from 1 to 3 litres.
As for isothermal flasks, they are made from double wall stainless steel.It’s this double wall that keeps your drinks hot or cold for several hours.

Now you know the difference, you have all the guidance needed to choose the water bottle best suited to your activity!

how to choose a water bottle or water pouch for camping or hiking?
How to choose a hiking water bottle?


How to choose a hiking water bottle?


How to choose a hiking water bottle?



The first criteria to determine your choice of water bottle is its material.We offer water bottles in tritan plastic, aluminium and stainless steel.So why choose one material instead of another?Over time, the water bottle has become a fashion accessory for its style and form.But above all because each material has its own advantages to meet the needs of the great majority of athletes.

How to choose a hiking water bottle?


A new kind of plastic, tritan is extremely light (therefore practical and easy to carry) and unbreakable.You can stand with your feet together on a tritan water bottle without breaking it (even though we don't recommend it, it's not what a water bottle is for and you may injure yourself...).As with all our products, these water bottles don’t contain Bisphenol A in compliance with current regulations.

They also have the advantage of being transparent which is practical for kids so you can check on their water level in a glance.Extremely durable and very affordable, our tritan water bottles have one last feature:they are made in Europe, more specifically in Portugal!

How to choose a hiking water bottle?


If you're reluctant to go for a plastic water bottle for environmental reasons, you can turn to the aluminium water bottle.Aluminium is traditionally the most used material in the manufacture of our water bottles due to is ultra light weight (from 114 g to 192 g for the largest water bottle (1.5 L) in our aluminium range).

Aluminium water bottles are extremely durable and have a significant advantage:they are recyclable.They are also made in Europe, in our factories in Spain.



Finally, we offer a complete range of 18/8 stainless steel water bottles (the standard benchmark in food-safe stainless steel, generally speaking it's what you find in your frying pans or saucepans).From a health and environmental perspective, stainless steel has many advantages.Firstly, crude stainless steel water bottles don't contain any chemical products so there is no risk of consuming any residue from questionable substances.

Moreover, it's a slightly heavier material with the advantage of being ultra resistant, durable and recyclable!As is the case with our tritan or aluminium water bottles, these single wall stainless steel water bottles are not isothermal.If you want to keep your drinks hot or cold for longer then go for double wall stainless steel isothermal flasks.Or put an isothermal cover on your water bottle!

How to choose a hiking water bottle?


The second element to guide you in your choice of water bottle is the top or opening mechanism.There are 4 types depending on your aesthetic and practical preferences.

How to choose a hiking water bottle?


To choose the right water bottle, think about the capacity needed for your sporting activity.This will guide you in your choice.All volumes are available from a half litre to one and a half litres.We can’t help you more with this third criteria, simply go for the one best suited to your needs in terms of volume.

how to choose a water bottle or water pouch for camping or hiking?

Get rid of plastic bottles during your sports activity and move to a reusable water bottle.There’s now one available for all budgets and all uses.As more and more of you support a more ecological approach, we are working on local supply, depending on the geographical market.Using materials that have less and less environmental impact and are more and more recyclable!

How to choose the right water bottle or water pouch



In warm weather, don’t forget an isothermal cover to keep your drink cold.

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