How to choose your aquashoes?

While exploring the seashores, wearing aquashoes can protect your feet. Say goodbye to floppy flip flops that get stuck in the sand. Let us teach you how to choose a pair of aquashoes for your summer adventures!


You can't miss a beach day without playing around the sandy shore, and going into the crystal clear water! But the sand is scorching hot from the sun, the reef is slippery with sharp edges, and there might even be broken glass bottles hidden in the sand. That’s why whether you are playing beach volleyball, kite flying, water skiing or snorkelling, you should have a pair of aquashoes. The aquashoes are worn in the same way as regular sneakers, but they are specifically designed for beach and water activities. 

There are three criteria for selecting a pair of aquashoes: Support, shock-absorption and grip.

The functions and characteristics of aquashoes

1. Grip

A pair of good aquashoes must have slip-proof soles as slipping often causes serious injuries. The studded design could reduce the risk of slipping with increased traction.


The shoes with thinner soles and finer studs have a wider range of uses, such as walks on the beach. If you want to visit a beach with reefs or rocks, then the aquashoes with thicker soles are more suitable.


2. Level of shock-absorption 

The thickness of EVA insole is proportional to the level of shock-absorption. Aquashoes with a 1 to 2 cm thick sole are ideal for walking on rocks. Aquashoes with thinner bottoms are more suitable for water sports and beach activities.


3. Snug fit

Even the aquashoes are soaked, they should be able to stay on. In addition, Subea's aquashoes now have a rubber strap, so you don't have to worry about it falling off.


4. Salt-resistant and quick-drying

Most of Subea’s aquashoes are salt-resistant and quick-drying. The design also reduces the chance of sand entering the shoe. The new generation of Subea aquashoes comes with a detachable EVA insole that adds comfort. If sand enters, it will only take you about five seconds to clean the inside!


5. Comfort

Our innovative aquashoes design avoid discomfort and avoid blisters. We have styles, color and size for all, including men, ladies, children, even babies! With the complete range, it is an easy task to take your whole family to the beach for snorkelling and underwater exploration!


How to take care of your aquashoes

The maintenance of aquashoes is really simple. After using, rinse with water and then dry in a cool place. They are designed to drain and dry quickly.

Want it keep it for the winter? You just have to wash the aquashoes in a washing machine and thoroughly dry it. After that, store it in a dry and cool place without direct sunshine. Just wait till the next summer season and have fun with your aquashoes!