You should choose your longboard or cruiser skateboard based on the size of its deck. Follow our guide!

The size of the skateboard deck

You should base your choice of a longboard or cruiser on the type of experience that you're looking for while riding. If you want to focus on speed and thrust, cruisers are ideal. Longboards, on the other hand, are perfect for long rides with nice wide turns. And finally, to get started with speed, a Drop Race model provides good stability.

How To Choose Your Longboard Or Cruiser Skateboard?

Short boards (<80 cm) - cruisers

Cruiser skateboards are light, easy to handle and dynamic - perfect for urban journeys and short distances

How To Choose Your Longboard Or Cruiser Skateboard?

Longer boards (>80cm) - longboards

Longboards are stable, even at higher speeds, meaning they can do big arcing turns. Longboards are well suited to cruising around town or riding longer distances on country roads.

How To Choose Your Longboard Or Cruiser Skateboard?


Longboard specialist

Longboarding is all about the thrill of the ride. I recommend always taking a multitool with you whenever you skate so that you can adjust your trucks depending on how things are feeling. You want them tighter for increased stability, and looser for getting more of an angle on turns and accentuating the feeling of carving.