Running | is your running posture correct? here’s a guide to proper running form.


Is your running posture correct? Here’s a guide to proper running form.

The benefits of running are endless, so it is no surprise that it has been popular in recent years. As well as exercising muscles all over the body, running can increase lung capacity and prevent various diseases. While running may seem simple, having the correct posture takes time to learn. It can greatly improve your running efficiency and prevent injury.   Take a look at the running posture guidelines below to check whether your running form is correct.

1. Lean forward

The first technique is to be aware of your body’s centre of gravity, which should be in front of your body. Lean forward moderately, and keep your body straight, so that your shoulders, ears and lower back are aligned. Many people get tired as they run and tend to lean back. This is a common mistake with running posture.

running posture

2. Land on your feet

Test it for yourself. Does your heel, toe, or whole foot touch the ground first? To maintain an effective running posture, every step should land on the middle of your foot. Landing on your toes may increase your risk of injury, while landing on your heels slows down your speed significantly.

running posture

3. Look forward

Another mistake that runners often make is running with their head down. Spatially unaware, they may run into people or something worse. When an accident occurs in front of you, if you have been looking forward you can easily respond in time.

running posture

4. Wear a jogging jacket

When you run in winter or when temperatures drop sharply, you will need a windproof jogging jacket. If you intend to train in light rain, you should also consider a rainproof jacket. Get one that fits properly and has a breathable design to ventilate moisture.

running posture_jacket

5. Wear jogging leggings

Jogging leggings can protect your muscles and reduce the stress on them during exercise. In winter, wear warm sport tights. In the summer, having a pair of breathable sport shorts can make a noticeable difference, especially during long-distance running.

running posture_leggings