Lisa - Busy Mum

I realised that I needed to maintain my inner balance if I wanted to continue to do so many things every day.

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Busy, busy, busy

I’m Lisa, a French mum of 3 kids aged from 2 to 8 years old. I am the marketing & digital leader at Decathlon Hong Kong and I love sailing and yoga! Sailing is a tradition in my family. I was put on a boat when I was 6 and never stopped! I started yoga when we lived in India 7 years ago.

Me time!

The hard work, our growing family, the never stopping city made me realise that I needed to maintain my inner balance if I wanted to continue to do so many things every day.

Yoga forces me to stop for a while, and align with my mind and body; it also allows me to have a healthy 2nd & 3rd pregnancies and postnatal recovery, and it lifts the neck and back pain I endure because of sitting at my desk for long hours every day. India is probably the best place to learn yoga and understand the spirituality behind the poses and moves. I met passionate teachers and that made a big difference!

Sharing, discovering and laughing

I love playing with my kids. We would usually go outdoors, and everyone picks his preferred tool: scooter, balance bike, cycle, inline skates…! I like to see how they progress. We laugh and race together… and dry tears when someone falls.

We also love to hike and take our time to watch Nature: caterpillars, butterflies, flowers and plants especially those that close their leaves when you touch them! Those times together are so precious, and nothing will disturb our exchanges when we enjoy this exclusive ‘us’ time.

Health and fun

Sports must be fun. There’s enough serious stuff in life! Even if I like to see my sports performance and results, and even if sport is a must to stay healthy and focused, I just can’t do anything boring. I like to practice in a group and test new sports. We talk before and after, we support each other... It is the same with my family, being together is as important as the activities we choose.

This year I started running. It’s an easy way to stay active even when I am travelling!

mother's day - Lisa

Lisa - mother of 3

"To me, sport is fun."