Recovery | how to use the massage rollers, balls and sticks ?

Recovery can help your body regenerate and give play to the best sport performance.
Don't know which massage tool suit for you? No worry! Let's check it out!


Recovery is an essential component for sport lovers' progress to help your body regenerate and become more efficient. One of the ways to recover properly is through massage.

Sport recovery massages help you relax your muscles, reduce stiffness and restore a bit of flexibility to your muscles.
 It will also help improve the initial healing of micro-lesions of muscle fibres caused by effort by stimulating blood circulation and facilitating the elimination of toxins. All of this through proper recovery! And that's not all. Depending on the localisation and type of massage, you can restore flexibility to the tendons, facilitate venous return and enjoy an analgesic effect to help reduce pain.

Massage rollers

What is a massage roller?

A massage roller is a foam roller with a density that is more or less firm and which can use your body weight for deep massaging. 
   - For example, you can place the massage roller under your back while you lie down and move backwards and forwards to roll in under your back. Similarly, if you want to massage your calves, thighs or glutes, just place the roller under the relevant area and roll it.
  - It is the weight of your body that puts the pressure on your muscles, ensuring a deep and relaxing massage. You can always start off gently and then increase the pressure.

If you feel an area of tension, a more painful point (also known as a trigger point), be sure to work it properly.

The various types of massage rollers?

There are different lengths and diameters of roller with various degrees of firmness to suit everyone's needs:
  - For a gentle massage, choose a roller with a smooth and comfortable foam.
  - For a more intense massage, choose a roller with a firm and structured foam.
  - For an even more effective massage, you need an electronic massage roller; the vibrations relax your muscles even more with less effort.

If you want a product you can take everywhere for training sessions and competitions, there are some really handy mini-rollers.

What is massage rollers?

How to use a massage roller?

Here are a few tips to help you with self-massaging:
- Move backwards and forwards to pass the roller across the part of the body you wish to massage (back, thighs, calves etc.).
- Use your massage roller on the floor or on a table.
- For maximum effectiveness, you should spend 5 minutes massaging each group of muscles.

How to use a massage roller?

Massage balls

For deep, targeted self-massaging, there's nothing easier than using a massage ball.

There are three sizes available to adapt to the area of the body you wish to massage.
  - The following tutorial videos validated by our partner physiotherapist, showing basic exercises for the areas of the body that can benefit from self-massage using our massage balls:

How to use a massage balls?

Massage stick

The 500 MODULAR massage stick is adaptable for massaging different body shapes and parts of the body, and for varying the massage intensity.

This is because it is equipped with two orange mobile modules. By moving them, you can create a different shaped stick. The stick can therefore be adapted to the shape of the muscles on each particular part of the body (thighs, calves, back, neck etc.), and also to the massaging depth you need, which can be more or less firm depending on your muscle tension.

How to use a massage stick?

3-In-1 massage kit (foam roller, ball, stick)

This kit includes a massage roller, a ball and a stick for full body massage. The ball and the stick are stored in the roller.