The various types of mouthguard, by material

Offload mouthguards comply with the XP S72-427 standard which ensures shock absorption, amount of coverage, and a breathing channel. The materials are heat-formable, which adapts to all types of dentition and thus provides better protection.



This type of mouthguard ensures basic protection. They are moulded as a single piece and are perfectly suitable for beginners or occasional use. It provides as much protection as other mouthguards but does not offer maximum comfort.

bi-material or tri-material mouthguard

Bi- or tri-material

The combination of two or even three materials helps reduce the size of mouthguards.

This makes them thinner and lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Your mouthguard size is linked to your height!

1- Size S or junior size is for young rugby players with a height of less than 140cm.
2- Size M, the medium size, is suitable for players with a height of between 140 and 170cm.
3- Size L, adult size, is suitable for players with a height of more than 170cm.

This relationship with height works in almost 90% of cases. There are some exceptions, such as in the case of young players who are particularly tall but whose jaws have not yet fully developed.

Moulding your mouthguard

To ensure your mouthguard fits you properly, we highly recommend moulding it. This ensures it won't move around during training or matches. You'll be ready to take on the toughest teams on the pitch!

To correctly mould your mouthguard, please watch the video created by our colleagues at Outshock, ideal for your Offload R100 or R500 mouthguard