Running|3 reasons to choose sports bra over traditional bra during workout

If you are an active woman, obviously a supportive sport bra is not an accessory but a necessity for any physical activity, especially high impact ones.


As women ourselves, we know how you see your breasts. Cup size comes as natural and unique as your hair texture. It makes no sense envying others’ breasts and looking down on yours. Take good care of them during workout and anytime.

Your breasts deserve your care.

A Survey shows that half of the women sampled do not wear sport bras. For high-intensity sports such as running, it is important to help your body absorb the shocks. You would spend extra time and effort to pick your trainers. What about your breast? What would you do for them?

No matter how big your cup size is, the weight on your breast may increase by 5 times depending on the strength of the shock. Your breasts are supported by the Cooper’s Ligament every day but you should not rely on it alone when jogging. Proper underwear not only helps relieve the burden of the ligaments, but also prevents the pain and sagging.

RUNNING|3 Reasons to Choose Sports Bra over Traditional Bra during Workout
RUNNING|3 Reasons to Choose Sports Bra over Traditional Bra during Workout

Experts believe that a sport bra not only offers several health benefits but keeps breasts in shape due to the following reasons:

1. During high impact activities like running, horse riding and playing basketball, our breasts bear up to 5 times more weight.

2. Without the protection of sport bras, our Cooper’s Ligament may be injured and eventually lead to breast sagging.

3. With regular bras, even low-impact exercises such as jogging or stretching could lead to pain and discomfort.

What level of support do i need in my sport bra?

We set up a scale on which level 1 is low support and suitable for yoga, fishing, golf and other sports; level 5 is high support and suitable for running, horse riding, basketball and other sports. The scale helps you evaluate the support required for different sports. All styles of running bras reach the support level 5!

In addition to the support function, running bras also have some smart and practical details. Besides soft materials, the innovative designs include:

We don't use wires to avoid injury and compression of glands.

We minimise seams around the nipples to avoid chafing.

We choose fabrics which wick away perspiration to avoid chafing.

We use wide and comfortable straps for optimum support and or shoulder relief.