Her strength running ambassador ‧ kate | as a new mum, i also need some me time

This May we are organising a virtual women’s race to coincide with Mother’s Day. As part of our cooperation with Runner's World HK, DECATHLON has been honoured to speak to four running enthusiasts who were recently selected as our Her Strength  Running Ambassadors, to find out more about their running experiences.

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

They include Kate, a new mum; Crystal, a newcomer to the world of running; Catherine, who didn’t start running until she was in her fifties; and Yannes, who is regaining her strength following a previous injury. As their stories demonstrate, their self-confidence has been an inspiration to other runners.


34 years old, social worker
Running experience: 5 years

Lots of new mums devote all their free time to their baby. Kate, however, takes a different view – in addition to working and looking after her baby, she is also a keen runner and likes to give herself some ‘me time’ to ensure that she stays fit and healthy.

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME
【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

“I ran my first marathon in 4 hours and 12 minutes. Running 42.195 km wasn’t as far as I had imagined – like most things in life, people tend to worry too much.” Like many other women, Kate started by running 10 km, and completed her first marathon in 2019 at the Nagoya Women's Marathon. In the past, she had been warned by her doctor not to do high-intensity exercise and ended up missing an opportunity to run the New York Marathon. The disappointment only made her even more determined: “Nothing in life is too difficult – you just need to believe in yourself and stick to your goals”. 

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

As mums, we also have a right to a good life!

Kate’s perseverance has been an inspiration to other young mums. After her first marathon, Kate became pregnant, and gave birth 9 months ago. Despite the inevitable life changes that having a baby entails, she is still passionate about running. “The biggest change is your mindset – in the past I would put myself first and work towards achieving my goals, but now my focus is all on the baby. However, I believe that mums can still enjoy time to themselves as well as looking after their baby – as mums, we also have a right to a good life!” After giving birth, Kate changed her running schedule, training in the mornings rather than evenings, and focused on enjoying herself rather than winning competitions.

“I feed my son at 6 am, and when he’s gone back to sleep I go out for a run. I get back at 8 or 9 am, just in time for him to see me when he wakes up. To be honest, I don’t think your body changes that much after giving birth – you probably won’t be as ambitious, so as long as you don’t overdo it you’ll be fine. Based on my experience, if you’re planning to have a baby, doing plenty of exercise is beneficial both during pregnancy and postnatal recovery.” Kate’s experiences inspired other new mums to try running – they are even planning to celebrate Mother’s day together by going for a run.

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

Favourite route:

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park to Kennedy Town / Wan Chai
From Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, you can run towards Kennedy Town or Wan Chai. Both routes are ideal for beginners – each route is approximately 3 km and follows a wide, flat path along the seafront.

Favourite gear:

Featuring a lightweight, fitted design, these running shoes are made from a breathable material to keep your feet dry on long runs. The cushioned sole is really good at dispersing shockwaves, which helps to reduce the amount of energy you expend. As well as offering excellent value for money, they also look great and help to improve your performance.

Runner’s tip: Don’t forget to re-tie your laces before you go for a run to ensure a tight fit.

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME
【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

 Running breathable  tank top

Thanks to its very lightweight component and laser perforations for eliminating perspiration, this women's running tank top is ideal for your summer runs.

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

 Invisible fine running socks run900

 Runners seeking good feel will love these snug-fitting mid-height running socks knitted with a fine anti-friction yarn.

【跑步女生大使】媽媽也享受ME TIME

 Lightweight running shorts

Lightweight and fluid running shorts which will give you total freedom of movement thanks to their material and built-in briefs. 

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Credits: Runner's World HK