Sailing | introduction to sailing

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced navigator, sailing is a fun sport for people of all ages. We’ve put together a short guide to introduce you to the basics.


Sailing is often regarded as an elitist sport – many people mistakenly believe that Hong Kong lacks the environment and facilities for sailing, or that it’s prohibitively expensive. As it happens, Hong Kong is perfect for sailing thanks to its coastal location and ideal wind conditions and currents. If you want to get started, Hong Kong also has a wide range of classes and courses. Before you set sail, here’s a short guide to introduce you to the basics of this exciting sport!

What is sailing?

Being a successful sailor requires extensive knowledge of weather conditions, the ocean and wind direction. Sailing is also a sport – controlling the sail and direction of travel requires the use of a wide range of muscles. In sailing competitions, sailors also have to make strategic decisions for crossing the finish line in the shortest time.


What kind of vessel should i choose?

There are generally 2 types of sailing vessels: larger vessels (keelboats), and smaller vessels (dinghies).

Dinghies consist of a lightweight frame and sail, and the crew accounts for most of the weight. There are several types of dinghy, including monohulls and catamarans. Dinghies are susceptible to capsizing when the wind speed and weight are not distributed evenly, but this is all part of the learning process!


Keelboats are larger than dinghies and feature a keel, which prevents the vessel from capsizing. They usually contain a covered cabin.


Benefits of sailing

Sailing is an excellent all-round sport that works all muscles in your body, as well as training your decision-making skills and mental agility. In addition, sailing helps improve your self-confidence and gives you a sense of freedom to discover your surroundings from a different perspective – no two adventures are the same!


Is sailing suitable for me?

If you enjoy being adventurous and spending time in the great outdoors, sailing is the ideal sport. Depending on your vessel, you can sail alone, with a partner or in a team – each has its own appeal.


Sailing equipment- keel boating


Comfortable trousers or shorts that allow you to move around freely. Most sailing trousers have lots of pockets for storing your belongings.


T-shirt or long-sleeved top

Choose a comfortable, quick-dry top. In addition, due to the risk of prolonged sun exposure, your clothing should also offer protection against UVA and UVB radiation.


Fleece or sweater

To keep you warm during morning and evening sailing trips. Our fleeces and sweaters are water-repellent to protect against splashes and moisture.

Fleece or sweater


To keep you dry in windy, choppy conditions.


Smock jacket

This is an essential item of clothing that you should carry with you at all times to keep you warm and dry. All of our jackets are waterproof and water-repellent.


Life jacket

This is an essential item of clothing that you should carry with you at all times to keep you warm and dry. All of our jackets are waterproof and water-repellent.


Sailing equipment- dinghy sailing


Soft, suitably sized wetsuit that will not get in the way of the sailing controls. Wetsuits help to protect against cuts and scrapes when you’re sailing. In winter, you should wear a full-length wetsuit to keep warm. In summer, you can wear a shorter or thinner wetsuit with UV protection.


Sailing jacket

These windproof, waterproof jackets protect you against the elements and ensure that you can move around freely while sailing.



To provide protection and strengthen your grip .


Buoyancy vest

These ergonomically designed vests (with a 3D structure) are specially designed for sailing. They also feature a large pocket for storing water.



They feature a non-slip sole and are made from a very soft material for enhanced stability.


Whether in a keelboat or dinghy, inshore or offshore, set your sail and discover stunning landscapes from a new perspective.