Stay cool! tips for running under hot weather

Don't let the heat stop you from running! Find out what to wear to stay cool and dry, while conserving your energy on your summer runs.

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When you run in hot weather, you sweat a lot. It's inevitable. To stay dry, wear technical clothing that helps wick moisture away from the skin and dries quickly.

What to wear for tops?

If you usually run in a cotton shirt, you'll be amazed at the comfort of a technical shirt. Instead of absorbing moisture, technical fabrics wick away sweat and dry as you run, so you'll never have to run in a wet shirt. If it's so hot that you're thinking of going out shirtless or wearing only a sports bra, you'll actually be hotter than if you were wearing a shirt, because your sweat will stick to your skin, which will be directly exposed to the sun.

Did you know that sweating increases the risk of sunburn? Wet skin does not reflect UV rays as well. A tip if your route is very sunny: opt for a top with built-in UV protection.

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What to wear for bottoms?

When it is hot, we wear shorts, right? Shorts are less restrictive and most effective at optimising airflow. However, most running shorts (especially women's shorts) tend to ride up during a run, which sometimes causes chafing on the inner thighs and can lead to irritation.

Try running in tighter, longer shorts (like cycling shorts, but designed for running). They won't ride up as much as regular shorts. You can also opt for 2-in-1 shorts if you prefer something less form-fitting. Also, apply some chafe cream before you go out.

La course à pied en été : quoi porter?

Must-have accessories

La course à pied en été : quoi porter?

Hydration belt, vest, flask

Hydration is always essential, especially when running in hot weather.

Wearing a hydration belt or vest allows you to drink at all times - you'll be surprised how quickly you'll get thirsty on hot days!

La course à pied en été : quoi porter?

Caps, sunglasses, arm cover

Caps and arm covers allow you to take some shade and protect your skin from burning.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and keep you from squinting and straining your facial muscles, which helps you relax and conserve energy.