Inflatable SUP: Pumping, Cleaning, Storage 

Inflatable SUP can be conveniently stored and used in all situations! Here are 3 videos that demonstrate how to pump, clean and store an inflatable SUP. Find out more!


Pumping and usage

Each SUP has its designated PSI (written over the air valve). Do not over-inflate as it might cause damage and danger. Before paddling, check if the SUP is intact and listen to any sounds of air leaking. Only place the SUP in knee-deep water to protect the fin and board. Do not drag the board, as it might cause damage and leaks!

Cleaning a used SUP

After paddling, remove the fin and food leash. Close the cap over the air valve, then clean the used board with fresh water. The board can be cleaned both when deflated or inflated. Pay extra attention when cleaning the accessories and fin box, to avoid any gravels stuck inside. Hang dry the SUP.

Deflation and storage

To deflate the SUP, remove the cover on the air valve. Press the button and let the air out. Do not look into the valve as the air will rush out. After, fold the SUP from the end of the SUP to the front, and press to remove residual air inside. Do not fold near the fin box as it is fragile! Finally, place the SUP, fin, foot leash, pump and paddle back in the bag, and store in a dry and cool spot. 

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