Swimming|choosing a swimming costume for women

If you want to start your swimming pool training, it is important to choose the right swimwear. Choosing a swimming costume for women can be difficult. One-piece or two-piece swimsuit, polyester or polyamide, O-shaped or U-shaped back... Facing with such a large selection, we know that it is difficult to make a choice. Don't worry, Nabaiji is going to give you our tips on how to choose your women's swimming swimsuit in Hong Kong!

hot to choose swim suit

A right swimsuit is chosen according to your swimming frequency, level, desired fit and comfort.

Level of swimming

beg swimmer


You are a beginner swimmer if you are just dipping your toes in the water world and starting the aqua sports. Choosing a comfortable swimsuit is suitable for you to swim occasionally.

Interm swimmer


You are an intermediate swimmer. You have got used to the water world and know 1-2 strokes.  At least 2 practice sessions per week would be in your weekly routine. For you, swimming is aiming to maintain your body and improve swimming skills.

intermediate swimmer


You are an advanced level swimmer who are accustomed to the water and know 4 strokes well. You will also attend high-intensity practice regularly. We may see you in the competitions or coaching swimmers in the pool! 

1. Beginner

A beginner swimmer is looking for comfort and relax swimming experience.~ Nabaiji suggests you to have a U-Back swimming costume which is easy to put on from the top.~We also offer semi-covered and full-covered women’s one-piece swimsuits in case you are looking for something more modest and prevents a tan. ~Skirts that cover the bottom may also is a choice for you. ~However, it is important to remember that a swimming costume that covers your hands and shoulders ~may be a hindrance as you try to improve your strokes.  

beginner swimming

2. Intermediate

An intermediate swimmer is focusing on modifying skills. ~For this, a training swimsuit with open shoulder or sleeveless is ideal to perform your strokes and would not disturb your swim practice. ~Nabaiji recommends you to choose a women’s one-piece swimsuit with X-shaped back (Racerback).~It is good to support your busts and ensures stability.~~ 

o' back


Advanced swimmers ideally look for a training swimwear that is compact and barely covers the body to ensure ease in glide and better speed. ~For this, Nabaiji offers a range of open cut with cross or open back swimming costume, ~which provide busts support for great freedom of movement. ~You can enjoy more than 200 hours of use with highly chlorine-resistant thanks to our AQUA-RESIST skills. 

advance swimmer