How to choose your kids' tennis shoes?

Durability or support? Better cushioning for more intensive play? Your choice of junior shoes is important as it will follow your child as he or she practices the sport. Allow us to guide you as you seek to choose the best tennis shoes for your kids!


The feet of children and adults are not the same. They are similar, but they do not work the same way and have very different needs. In adults, the foot is used to more pressure from shoes and needs protection against violent injuries (sprains or torn ligaments). Children, on the other hand, need protection against chronic injuries (stretched ligaments, inflammations). With Artengo, we have developed tennis shoes specifically for kids and a shoe specifically for adults. Let's see below what are the important factors for choosing your kids' shoes!

Laces or velcro strips?

The easier and faster it is for kids to learn how to put on and fasten their own tennis shoes, the better. Putting shoes on must be fun, not a chore.

Velcro strips are easier to use but also tend to wear away much quicker than laces; while laces can adjust shoes fit and fix toes much better than velcro strips.

tennis velcro strip junior shoes


Kids’ tennis shoes are put through their paces like no others when it comes to scraping, sliding, skidding and scuffing. Kids are overflowing with energy and their shoes must enable them to do all their daily activities for as long as possible in total safety. The ideal kids’ tennis shoes are made up of three different parts that guarantee their durability:

1. Abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles that overlap the front of the foot
2. A second seamless bonded rubber reinforcement in the forefoot (the most vulnerable area)
3. Attractive uppers that provide good foot support.

Slip resistance

The quality of the kids’ tennis shoes sole has a direct influence on the child's grip performance on the tennis court. ARTENGO's non-marking rubber sole has a staggered pattern design that provides the best grip on hard ground, allowing children to avoid injury.

How to choose your kids' tennis shoes?

What makes our kids' tennis shoes the best?

Your children's shoes offer many technical benefits, but it is easy to get lost amongst all of the explanations. Let's go through the features of our kids’ tennis shoes!

tennis junior shoes good foot support

Good foot support

Children's feet are different to adults'. If you want to look after their feet, go for shoes offering good support. This is provided by the support at the heels.

tennis junior shoes withstand any test

Ability to withstand any test

In order to stand up to daily use on account of continual demand placed on your children, durability is an important asset in a junior tennis shoe. You should therefore opt for a rubber shoe that is reinforced to the front of the foot - where the most is asked of the shoe.

tennis junior shoes comfort

Sights set on comfort

If your kids’ tennis shoes barely ever leave their feet, it is essential that they feel comfortable. Good cushioning will therefore be crucial to ensure that your child feels comfortable in his or her shoes.

How to choose the right size?

When trying on tennis shoes for your kids, it is best to wear them with the toes pointing forward and the heel inserted with two fingers. Step on the ground slowly before and after wearing to ensure that there is still space around your feet and to consider whether you can wear two pairs of socks (sometimes you need to wear ankle pads or bandages). 

Wearing two pairs of socks after exercise can help to reduce sweat odor and enhance shoe durability. Thick cotton socks protect children's foot soles, toes, and delicate Achilles tendons.

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