Volleyball|beach fun : beach volleyball vs indoor volleyball

It is perfect to play beach volleyball in summer. You may have played it with family or friends, but do you know the official rules and the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball?

Beach volleyball rules

Beach volleyball originated in the 1920s on the California beaches in the United States, and was introduced to Europe a few years later. It has been an Olympic sport since the 1992 Summer Olympics and has become a famous summer sport in Asia nowadays.


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1) Beach volleyball pressure is slightly lower than that of volleyball.

2) Beach volleyball is made of water-resistance materials.

3) Beach volleyball court (8m x 16m) is smaller than the volleyball court (9m x 18m).  

4) Beach volleyball has fewer players (4 players) than volleyball (12 players).

5) With no position marked on the beach volleyball court, players can place themselves wherever they want.

6) No substitute players in beach volleyball matches.

7) Beach volleyball does not allow feint attack while volleyball does.

8) Beach volleyball coaches cannot guide players during the match.

9) 2 winning sets from 3 sets for beach volleyball while 3 winning sets from 5 sets for volleyball.

differences from indoor volleyball

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Beach volleyball nets

beach towels

Beach towel

These are the official rules for beach volleyball but you can also play it freely! To have fun with friends, you can make up larger teams (e.g. 5 against 5) with a larger court size. Enjoy the dives and rolls, and do not feel obligated to respect all the official rules. You are there to have fun! Good game!