What does sport mean to you?

Whether it is your passion, a way to improve your fitness or a connection with the environment, sport is in everyone's life - it even defines our lives for some of us. And you, what does sport mean to you?

what does sport mean to you

Gerard C. / Engineer 

Training every single day for 12 years in order to slam dunk - that's Gerard's sports journey which took him from Basketball to Body building and Running. Lots of learnings along the way that Gerard shares with his child.

What does sport mean to you? - Gerard C.

Gerard's Gear

What does sport mean to you? - Gerard C.

Hermes C. / Supplies Assistant 

The passion for sports has no limit, Hermes can commute over 4 hours both ways just to practise dragon boat with her team. She also runs and plays badminton every day during lunch time just to keep the level of fitness for dragon boat.

What Does Sport Mean To You?

Hermes' Gear

What Does Sport Mean To You?

Tino C. / Airport Security Officer 

For Tino, sports is a way of life. Not a day goes by without TIno training his body or coaching others to live a more sporty life. Sharing his sports vision with others is actually what drove Tino to work for Decathlon Hong Kong one day a week.

Tino-Cross Training
What Does Sport Mean To You?

Tino's Gear

What Does Sport Mean To You?

Giuliana B. / Open Water Swimming Leader

Giuliana - originally from Brazil - is leading the Decathlon Open Water Swimming team at our Water Sports Centre in France. She's been passionate for Open Water Swimming for years and completed some amazing challenges like swimming around Manhattan Island or across the Strait of Gibraltar. Within her role, Giuliana works every day to get more people to discover her favourite sport and make it accessible to everyone.


Bena L. / Trekking Sport Leader

From a regular Hong Kong office lady who couldn't stand walking in the heat at lunch time, to an addicted hiker who walked across half of New Zealand - that's Bena's story. Sport has changed her life and she now spreads her passion every day at Decathlon Hong Kong.