Post-exercise yoga to speed up your recovery

Lactic acid accumulates in muscle fibers after vigorous exercises, and mildly damaged muscles and connective tissue would cause muscle pain. To accelerate body recovery, yoga practice after intense exercises can help alleviate leg swelling and improve blood circulation, getting you back into your optimal state. 


Mild yoga poses can stretch muscles around the connective tissues. Take a look at the 3 simple yoga poses below for improving your flexibility and training efficiency:  

1.(Prasarita Uttanasana)Pyramid Pose


Stretch hip joint

Stretch the thigh muscles, hamstring and achilles tendon ligament

Soothe tight muscles in the legs and hips

Pyramid Pose

1. Separate your feet back and forth, and keep both pelvic bones straight forward. After pulling the right leg backward, turn the right foot outward at 45 degrees

2. Inhale and close your abdomen. Keep your back straight with hands on both sides of the waist

3. Exhale, as your upper body slowly leans forward, and the back of your legs feels pulled. Place your hands on the sides of your legs. You can place your hands on the yoga bricks, if you need extra work on body flexibility.

4. Keep your upper body leaning toward your knees, and maintain the posture for 10 seconds

5. After the muscles are stretched, try to tilt down further, and maintain for 10 seconds

6. Inhale, straighten your upper body, return to the starting position, and repeat on the other side

2.(Utthan Pristhasana) Lizard Pose Variation


Stretch hip joint

Stretch quadriceps

Rectify pelvic


1. With both hands and feet on the ground, hands shoulder width apart, you can put your left hand on the yoga block and your right hand on the ground

2. Straighten your legs and keep your feet at waist width

3. Step your right foot forward and place it by the outside of your right hand

4. Flex your left knee, turn your body to the right, hold your left toe with your right hand

5. Hold 5 to 7 breaths and repeat on the other side

3.(Anjane asana) Low Lunge Pose


Stretch hip joint

Rectify pelvic

Stretch quadriceps

Strengthen back muscles

Low Lunge Pose

1. Kneel down on one knee with your left foot, keep the front leg at 90-degree, and your right knee touching the floor. Yoga knee or wrist pads can be placed underneath to reduce discomfort

2. Straighten your arms, raise your head, and move your center of gravity forward

3. Hold 5 to 7 breaths and repeat on the other side

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