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ONESEC is a pioneer in electrochromic smartwear. Featuring exclusive ONESEC technology, the photosensitive chip embedded in the temple of our sunglasses triggers a one second, instant color-changing reaction in the liquid crystal lenses the moment the user's eyes are exposed to bright light (even inside a car!), ensuring instant protection to the eyes. Traditional photochromic sunglasses take up to 30-60 seconds to darken when exposed to UV light. While inside a car, it may not change color at all, even if bright light causes discomfort to the eyes. ONESEC Eyewear effectively addresses these problems, ensuring instant protection to the eyes and enables safe driving. ONESEC has launched two sports series ‘Timberwolf’ & ‘Hawk’ that are suitable for active individuals who enjoy taking part in outdoor activities. The sports series is compatible for prescription glasses wearers. Both series are made with lightweight TR90 frames and has anti slip silicone temples and an adjustable nose pad, providing a very secure fit when you are doing outdoor activities. So you don’t need to worry about the eyewear slipping from your face when you are exercising! 🕶️ ELECTROCHROMIC LENSES: Instant lens tint 👓 RX compatible for glasses wearers 💦 INGRESS PROTECTION: Rated IP57 for dust and water resistance ☀️ UV BLOCKING: UV400, 99% filtration efficiency of ultraviolet rays ❄️ COLD RESISTANT: Operational down to temperatures of -20°C 🔋 30,000 HOURS BATTERY LIFE: Does not require charging Read Less
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