I believe in the benefits of sports. Decathlon HK is 70 city sport teams managing autonomously their community offline and online. I believe that we can improve lives through sports, by making sport more accessible. It's what I want us to bring to Hong Kong. Our ambition is to be part of Hong Kong sports communities. We are obsessed by Sport Users satisfaction that is why we decided to put sport at the Core of our Organisation.



    In Decathlon, the events we organised are different than those held in other companies. Firstly, all events are lead by us, the Omni Sport Leaders. We have a lot of sharing sessions and laughter too during the event. Sometimes, we meet again in the store. These Sport Users even bring their family to visit and use our products. I can see we make sports more accessible in Hong Kong. The relationship between Sport Users and us are more like friends than sales and customers. Our teammates are like one big family. We have a common interest in sports so we always meet up on hills for hiking, camping and rock climbing together after work. Our energetic personality pulls us together, it makes work much more fun! We even have meeting while camping on top of the hill!



    It is our pleasure to see the growth in every Sport User. A father came to the store right after our opening as his 6-year-old son wanted a bike for Christmas. Unfortunately, the bike seemed too big for his son. 5 months later, he came back to the store with his son. By then, the child had grown up a little bit and he managed to ride the bike. The father then bought it for his son's birthday. We felt a sense of accomplishment when seeing the boy riding in a straight line with a big smile on his face.



    Sports does not discriminate against age. A mother came to our store to look for sports equipment for her kids. Inspired by Decathlon and our Sport Leaders, she showed interest to join our events and eventually started a new sports life after abandoning sports for ages. The next day, she began to come to one of our yoga classes and had a great time. She thanked us for our great event and the motivation from our Sport Leaders. Now, she keeps sharing her yoga progress with us. I am very proud that we can bring her a new sports life and have a new SPORTS LOVER in our community.



    We are Sport Users for users. We are so proud to help Sport Users develop great passion in water sports by organising events and sharing our stories. Teammates who design the products and choose the product range are passionate about watersports. We know best the needs of Sport Users as we are the ones playing the sport too. In this team, we go through the ups and downs together as a team because we always believe "individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean".



    Decathlon, a stage where talents meet. It has been a fruitful year since joining the big family in Hong Kong, we are happy and proud to be a part of it because of Decathlon' shared value and its ambition towards making sports accessible to the many. Each of our teammate is the opinion leader of their sports, when they come together, Decathlon is not only a retail store but a leader in coaching the Sport Users towards a healthy lifestyle. The harmonious environment allows us to work hard in connecting with our Sport Users. This is how Decathlon is different from traditional retail store. We would like to see more and more Sport Users being friends of Decathlon.



    Trail running is to run off the road in nature. Our Sport Users love to discover the nature, search for freedom and encounter challenges through participating races. There is a huge number of races starting from 10km to 168km every year in Hong Kong. The most memorable Sport User we have met was a beginner of the sport and he felt lost as he did not know how to improve. He noticed that our Sport Leader has participated from the 100KM races through the signage we put inside the store and felt excited to seek for race advice and listen to our stories. We assisted him through sharing our experience and he felt relieved to participate in his upcoming race.



    Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or you already have a well-established practice, we welcome all of you to our store. In Decathlon, we are committed to make physical preparation accessible to the many. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a Sport User begin, or carry on his/her physical journey with us and our products. We love to exchange, share, and guide you in your journey.



    The happiest memory with Sport Users was at a mini-game that we organised for junior football players in 2017. Everyone enjoyed the game. In the event, our team got a better chance to approach junior football players. The most precious thing was both players and parents thanked us for organising this kind of game and for giving them a happy memory. That's what we have always wanted to see. This is one great example of being "Sport User-Centric".



    Decathlon offers wide range of products with accessible price in order to help Sport Users to reach out new sports practice. One of our Sport Leaders shared his story which aligns with the ambition of Decathlon: he started to play snowboard when he was 17. The price promotion at the snow mountain triggered him to start and he tried hard to manage to ski from peak to the bottom on the first day. After that, he developed the interest towards skiing. In Decathlon, every Sport Leader share the same value, we hope to help each Sport User to start their sport journey.