Being founded during the 19th century, PROTREK has been through many unforgettable issues such as Hong Kong’s return to China, the millennium bug, and SARS. It can be said that PROTREK is a cross-century company! Over the years, our mission has never changed, “To run a sustainable outdoor business under Win-Win situation”; with our service, staff, customers, and community, we are bound for further improvements. As a socially responsible outdoor shop, PROTREK pays much attention and efforts to environmental protection. To balance the impact to the outdoor environment derived from the healthful mountain activities, we do care the products from responsible manufacturers, internal cares, staff trainings, outdoor education to the general public, encouragement on socially responsible consumption, etc.


Seller : Protrek Company Limited
Business Registration Number : 14329066
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Flat/Room 6 BLK A 10/F New Trade Plaza On Ping Street 999077 Hong Kong Shatin Hong Kong