We established since 1987., starting our business as a retail store located at a hotel shopping mall, specialized in survival gear, cutlery, military gear, collectible items. We are one of the pioneer and longest history in the industry. Since early 90ā€™ we have imported many tactical gear brands in the Hong Kong market. Besides retail business, we also wholesale to other Asian countries and established extensive dealers network throughout the whole Asia Pacific region. Other than business, we support shooting sports and charity groups, we have sponsored numerous shooting matches and charity organizations., and we will continue to support the society. In the recent years, we have started introducing camping and outdoor gear into our profile. We have received many awards in the industry. Thanks for all of the customer supports in the past 30 years. We will continue expand our business at all aspects, introducing more quality brands and product profile, opening more retail outlets, upgrading our online retail platform, providing training to our staff to ensure good quality service to our customers. Human recourses is our company most valuable assets, we provide a comfortable working environment to our staff with staff benefits and adequate sales training to upgrade their skills. Our company go green that we encourage our staff to use less paper, minimize waste, do not use unnecessary packing material. Thanks for your support ! Kevin Chau The Director


Seller : Supreme Co
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Room 1802, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok 00000 Hong Kong Mong Kok HK