100 Boxing Gloves for Punch Bag Training

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Designed for beginners wanting to train with a punch bag or do cardio boxing.

These lightweight and versatile gloves are just what you need for your next cardio boxing class.


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    Products benefits

    Impact protection

    Foam block on the back of the hand to protect the metacarpals.

    Joint support

    The rip-tab provides optimal wrist support.

    Abrasion resistance

    Synthetic coating (PU) for guaranteed resistance of the gloves


    Technical information


    These gloves are classified as personal protection equipment and comply with all current European standards (EN 13277-7).
    The gloves were tested and approved by our OUTSHOCK team in the lab and by a panel of users under demanding use conditions.


    During cardio boxing sessions, you often link together a range of exercises: heavy bag work, muscle training, equipment use and more.
    Traditional boxing gloves are not suited to this type of workout because you have to put them on and take them off repeatedly.
    You can wear these gloves throughout your workout and keep your hand protected during heavy bag exercises.


    To find the right size, measure the circumference of your hand and check the size table below:
    19.8 cm to 20.5 cm = SMALL (S)
    20.6 cm to 21.1 cm = Medium (M)
    21.2 cm to 21.7 cm = LARGE (L)
    21.8 cm to 22.9 cm = X LARGE (XL)
    Once you've put them on, they should be neither too tight nor too loose.

    Care advice

    After use, place your gloves in a dry, ventilated place to help them dry faster, prevent unpleasant odours and extend the lifetime of the inner foam.
    Do not place near a heat source such as a radiator.


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