2 kg Adjustable Wrist / Ankle Weights Twin-Pack - Grey

Ref. : 8573672

Adjustable ankle and wrist weights. Can be weighted with 500 g to 2 kg to customize the intensity of your workouts. Available in 1 kg.

Amp up your workouts with our weights! Designed to fit perfectly and stay stable, they will intensify your movements. Hand or machine wash.

Color: charcoal grey / lunar grey

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Products benefits


It's up to you: place them on your wrists, ankles or both!


Adjust the weight to the workout: 1 or 2 x 500 g, i.e. 500 g or 1 kg per weight.

Easy maintenance

Our weights should be hand washed or washed on a delicate cycle only: no smells!

Technical information

Why wear these fitness ankle and wrist weights?

Our ankle and wrist weights are designed to optimize your sport sessions with extra resistance. They build strength, stamina and muscle tone while improving balance and coordination, in particular by putting more strain on your core. With these weights, you can transform your workouts and reach new fitness heights!

Why are the weights adjustable?

Check out our adjustable dumbbells designed to ramp up your training! With their four 500 g weights, you can reach a max weight of 2 kg per dumbbell. For effective and safe sessions, start with 500 g per arm. Lower body muscles are more powerful and can lift up to 1 kg per ankle. Progressively increase the resistance as you progress. By starting with a light weight, you can improve the quality of your movements and maximize your results!

What exercises can you do with ankle and wrist weights?

Amp up your workouts with ankle and wrist weights! Perfect for dynamic movements like side leg raises and inverse crunches, they can help effectively sculpt your muscles. Add arm extensions for full-body results. When doing static movements, opt for dumbbells.

How to use the ankle and wrist weights properly

Our tips for safe, fun training sessions:
- Warm up before adding weights to prep your muscles and joints and reduce your risk of injury;
- Securely but comfortably attach the weights to prevent them from slipping during workouts;
- Listen to your body: if you feel pain or discomfort, adjust the weight or remove them;
- Finish your workout by stretching for optimal recovery and to maintain your flexibility.


Filling: 60% Metal, 40% Sand Main Fabric: 100% Polyester


2 years


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Filling 82% Iron, 18% Sand Main fabric 100% Polyester


After using your soft dumbbells, remember to close their rip-tab and store them in a dry spot (not outdoors).


We conduct numerous tests to validate our weights and guarantee their qualities.
We test the product's resistance to wear, tearing and washing in the lab and in real conditions. The components (fabric, mesh, buckles, straps, rip-tabs, etc.) are also tested separately.

Approved By

"Great product - it fits my wrists and ankles perfectly." Claudine, a fan of our weights.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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