500 Boxing Wrap 4M - Black

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Our team of enthusiasts has designed this innovative wrap for training in boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, full contact, Savate boxing, etc.

Finally a wrap that is easy to put on! Thanks to its new buckle system, discover a flexible and absorbent wrap that is easy to put on. Protect your hands easily and quickly!

Color : BLACK

500 Boxing Wrap 4M - Black
500 Boxing Wrap 4M - Black

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    Products benefits

    Joint support

    Its unique composition ensures your hand is held correctly in place.

    Moisture absorption

    This wrap's good absorption abilities protect your gloves from perspiration.

    Technical information

    An ergonomic loop to ensure you put the wrap on right

    When wrapping a 4 meter long wrap around your hand, the last thing you want is to have to start over because you put it on wrong at the start. To make this task easier, we designed a wrap that has an ergonomically-designed loop
    With its curved shape, the buckle hugs your thumb. The result is that you end up putting it on correctly (along the thumb and across the back of the hand), and on the right side (relative to the rip-tab at the other end of the wrap).

    Introducing the innovative design of our new boxing wrap

    In addition to an ergonomically-designed loop, the 500 boxing wrap also has markings to indicate the correct direction and correct side to start on: an arrow on the side of the loop shows the direction along which to slip on the wrap (along the back of the thumb), and what side to put the wrap on, in order to easily fasten the rip-tab at the end.

    The composition of our boxing wrap

    "To ensure comfort, good protection and support, our 500 wrap is made of 57% cotton and 43% polyamide.
    - cotton absorbs perspiration and protects the hand
    - elastane is highly flexible, allowing you to easily slip the wrap between your fingers without limiting your agility. "

    How we designed a boxing wrap that is easy to put on

    We started out with the idea of making a protective wrap that is easy to put on. To accomplish this, our 4-person design team worked for 9 months on designs, lab tests, many prototypes, and, in particular, tests at sports clubs with over 30 male and female boxers.
    We're proud of the result: a product that is simple, innovative, and high quality!


    2 years

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