500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink

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Our designers created this T-shirt for Pilates and gentle gym activities. This product was designed for moderate-intensity exercise.

You'll love the quality of this slim-fit T-shirt with a feminine neckline. Fabric specifically designed to keep you dry during your workouts.

Color : PINK

500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink
500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink
500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink
500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink
500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink
500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink
500 Women's Slim-Fit Gentle Gym & Pilates T-Shirt - Pink

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    Products benefits


    Cotton-rich fibres for softness and comfort.


    Moisture management

    Wicks moisture away from the skin.

    Moisture management


    The elastane in the fabric guarantees freedom of movement.


    Technical information

    What makes the Pilates & Gentle Gym Slim-Fit T-Shirt so great?

    Because we're all different, our gentle gym & pilates T-shirts come in two different styles: slim and regular fit. The slim-fit T-shirt enhances your figure with its close-fitting cut and attractive V-shaped neckline. You'll love the soft cotton and the light, breathable material. Your ally during regular, moderate fitness activities for exceptional comfort throughout your workout.

    Benefits of the gentle Gym & Pilates T-shirt

    Easy care and long lasting. The fabric and colours hold up perfectly to repeated machine washing. The fabric dries extremely fast and needs no ironing. Your number one companion for your daily fitness activities!

    The design of our gentle Gym & Pilates products:

    The gentle gym & pilates clothing range has been designed for regular gentle gym & pilates activities (fitness, gentle gym, stretching, toning, muscle strengthening, pilates) whether at a low or high intensity - perfect for keeping in shape, enhancing your figure and staying healthy. The gentle Gym and Pilates design team's goal is to provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and breathability. Our products are tested in real use and we regularly make changes based on customer feedback

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    2 years


    Product concept & technology

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