900 egg Hard surfboard 6'2 Longboard. Comes with 3 fins.

Product Code : 301645 8502007

Developed by our team for competent surfers looking for an ultra versatile board for easy take-offs in small to medium waves.

With a generous 38L volume, this “Egg” style board is ultra comfortable to paddle and at take-off. To add to that, it is easy to use and will allow you to string together tricks.


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    Products benefits


    Wood, epoxy and fibreglass sandwich construction, resistant to dings.

    Glide performance

    Egg type shape, wide in front for easier take off.

    Ease of handling

    Round tail and pronounced V for easy launch into manoeuvres. 3 fins


    3.9 kg with fins.


    Wax before use. Base coat + wax. Adhesive rear pad can be added.


    Technical information


    Volume (L): 38
    Weight (kg): 3,9 including fins
    Dimensions (inches): 6'2" X 21" X 2"1/2
    Dimensions (cm ): 189 x 53 x 6,3


    The epoxy sandwich construction gives a light and very sturdy board. The layer of wood helps reduce the risk of dings and dents on the deck. In addition, the use of wood instead of a layer of PVC reduces the environmental impact. The wood comes from FSC-certified plantations (Forest Stewardship Council).
    FCS 1 fin boxes, 3 fins FCS M5 4”5.

    Fin assembly

    Use the key supplied. Position the fins in the casings. Do not overtighten.


    With a wide nose and large volume, this egg shape board lets you surf small waves as well as bigger waves up to shoulder level.
    Easy take-offs and its 38L volume allow even beginner surfers to start manoeuvres. The perfect board for competent, larger surfers over 70 kg in smaller waves.


    Availability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 2 years Excluding breakage


    Product concept & technology

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