900 Girls' Gym Headbands Tri-Pack - Yellow/Black/Orange

Product Code : 171741 8394303

Designed for educational and sports gym.

This elasticated headband is nice and grippy to keep your hair out of your eyes during Educational and Fitness Gym activities.

Color : Fluo lime yellow/BLACK/Fluo coral orange

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    Products benefits


    Elastic band to hold the headband in place.

    Technical information

    Our Gym & Fitness clothing collections for children aged 5 to 14:

    Our girls' and boy's range of clothing was designed for Educational Gyms and practising sports at school or at the gym..
    Our collection lets you do low to high intensity activities (trampoline, step, abdominal exercises, jumping rope, stretching…).
    These activities are ideal for keeping your child fit and healthy and will help them develop their ability to jump, roll, crawl, stand, balance, etc.

    The Domyos design process:

    Our teams work with this single objective in mind: achieving the ideal balance between softness and breathability required by our young sports users.
    Your child can choose their entire athletic uniform from our collection (T-Shirt, tank top, leggings, pants, sweatshirt, or jacket).

    Did you know?

    Our products are regularly tested and we make changes based on customer feedback.

    A headband to keep hair out of your eyes while exercising:

    To put it on: slip it over your head like a necklace and pull your hair out over it.
    Slide the front over your forehead and position it behind your ears.
    Adjust it to sit just above your forehead like a sweatband or further back over your head like a classic headband.
    Make sure the silicone is in contact with your hair to keep it in place.
    This headband is sold in a pack of 3 with 3 different colours.


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