Ab Wheel

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Our teams designed this abs wheel to be taken anywhere, so you can work all your ab muscles at any time.

Perfect for working all your abdominal muscles (obliques, etc.) from a kneeling position or on your toes.

Color: teal blue

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Products benefits

Ergonomic grip

We conducted studies for a more ergonomic grip.

Compact design

This wheel can be disassembled for easy storage and transport.


For use on all flat floors (hardwood, concrete, tiling, etc.).

Ease of use

Quick and easy to assemble.


Ab Wheel
Ab Wheel
Ab Wheel

Technical information

Did you know?

The Ab Wheel is an essential exercise accessory for strengthening your ab muscles. It both works out the surface muscles (the famous "washboard") as well as the deep muscles (thanks to the core workout it delivers). This helps you improve your posture and keep your tummy flat.

How to use the Ab Wheel

To avoid risk of injury, take care to contract your abs and not arch your back during the entire exercise.

If you're just starting out with the Ab Wheel, you can use a wall to stop yourself going too far. As you improve, you can increase your range of movement or the number of reps.

The Ab Wheel is not recommended for those with back problems or who are not used to working out their abs.

Similar product for beginners/intermediate users

If you're a beginner, we recommend using our progressive Ab Wheel for greater comfort. It features an elastic band to help you return to your starting position.

Tips from our team

If you're afraid you'll roll too far forward, position yourself in front of a fixed object such as a wall or door.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 69.46% Polypropylene, 30.54% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene Bar 100% Steel Handle 82.14% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene, 17.86% Polypropylene


This wheel can also be disassembled to make it easier to carry with you when exercising outside your home. However, it should not be stored outdoors.

User Restrictions

Max weight: 130 kg. Use on a flat surface only.

Maintenance advice

To clean with a wet cloth..

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