Acupressure massage ball.

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These massage balls with small spikes are designed for deeply massaging hands and feet. Used for acupressure massage and foot reflexology.

It's ideal for relaxing muscles and soothing your feet. Treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxation after working out or everyday activities.

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Products benefits


Perfectly suited to the arch of the foot and hands.

Anatomic design

A dense ball with short spikes for deep massages.

Ease of use

For easy self-massages.

Easy transport

Convenient small size for carrying around.


Acupressure massage ball.
Acupressure massage ball.
Acupressure massage ball.

Technical information

It's the ideal massage ball for your feet.

Give yourself a relaxing massage after fitness walking, running, or any other sport that uses your feet (in other words, lots of sports ;-)). Relax the arch of your feet. HOW DOES IT WORK?Easy! In a sitting or standing position, roll the ball gently under each foot. To optimise the effect, we recommend massaging for at least five minutes. After all, it's not a chore - it's time to treat yourself. What about your hands? Them too.

Why the short spikes?

Let us reassure you - this massage ball with short spikes, also known as the hedgehog ball, is not painful. On the contrary. The spikes make the massage more stimulating.
The short spikes are ideal for trying acupressure and foot reflexology. And you can use your massage ball any time - not just after working out.

What is acupressure?

In simple terms, acupressure descends from Chinese medicine. It stimulates energy points on the whole body, especially feet. It has many recognised benefits.

What is the diameter of the massage ball?

Diameter: 47 mm

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2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber

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