Bike TT bars

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Our team of triathlon enthusiasts designed these extenders for triathletes looking for a more efficient position when cycling long distances.

Improved efficiency and comfort during the cycling portion in your long-distance triathlons.

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Products benefits

Optimised posture

You can adjust the length of the handlebars as well as the arm rests.

User comfort

5 mm thick foam arm rests 40° angle for natural handling

Easy assembly / dismantling

Accessible screws Bar graduations Fits 31.8 and 26 mm diameter handlebars


Aluminium 6061 490 g

Technical information

Why use extenders in a triathlon?

So you can become a real triathlete of course! That could have been the answer for this emblematic product, but we offer you another approach.
On smooth routes, we recommend opting for extenders so you can vary your position as well as improve efficiency as soon as you find the right adjustment and you can hold this position for a long time.

How to find the right position with the extenders

Your position should be as natural as possible, even if you have to make an effort to relax into it to start with (shoulders and neck).
We recommend finding an adjustment that allows you to have your elbows resting on the arm rests with a 90° angle between the arm and the forearm. Your hand should fall naturally on the end of the bars for a natural grip. You will probably have to bring your saddle forward on its clamp and perhaps shorten your stem.

Are extenders allowed in the triathlon?

Extenders are authorised in triathlons when drafting (cycling while sheltered by another triathlete) is forbidden.
We advise checking the regulations for your race, which generally specify this.
As a general rule, extenders are forbidden for short-distance triathlons (super sprints, sprints) and authorised for middle to long-distance triathlons (from Olympic distances).

What level do you need to have to use extenders?

No particular level, quite the opposite in fact!
We especially recommend finding the adjustment that lets you use your extenders over prolonged periods without worrying about aches.
Consequently, you will gain in speed or reduce fatigue so you can take on the running portion in the best possible conditions.


2 years
Pads available as spare parts (ref: 8554347)


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bar 100% Aluminium Backrest 100% Polypropylene Complementary parts 100% Aluminium Foam 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

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