Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls

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Developing reflexes, coordination, and strike precision for combat sports practitioners.

Want to work on your strike speed and precision? This is the perfect training accessory for working on coordination while having fun.

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Products benefits


Polyurethane foam balls for optimal comfort when striking.

Anatomic design

Band and headband adjust to fit you.


Balls and band tested for durability.


Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls
Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls
Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls
Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls
Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls
Boxing Reflex Ball Kit with 2 Balls

Technical information

Why should you work on your boxing reflexes?

Boxing, like many combat sports, is a contact sport where reflexes are very important - they are essential for getting used to dodging and striking with speed and precision. We created this kit to help you develop your reflexes. With regular training, you will learn how to time your strikes with the ball's movement.
In addition to being a very good technical exercise, it's a fun activity that is suitable for everyone.

An adaptable kit

To adjust the difficulty of this exercise to your skill level, we are offering two balls with different diameters.
- The large ball (70 mm) is ideal for getting started, it has a larger striking surface and its weight makes it slower. To make this exercise even easier, you can start with boxing gloves.
- The smaller ball (50 mm) will be much faster and difficult to strike, it is recommended for more seasoned boxers.

How to adjust the length of the elastic

It's important to adjust the length of the band (between the ball and the headband) to your arm length. If it's the wrong length, this exercise will be much more difficult.
To start out right, we recommend adjusting the length of the band to the length between your shoulder and your fist.


2 years

More About Product

Customisable and durable!



Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Small ball 100% Polyurethane Elastic band 70% Polyester, 30% Latex Rubber Complementary parts 60% Polyester, 40% Latex Rubber

User Restrictions

Do not hit the ball with a racket or other objects.


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This product has been tested and approved by our boxing teams under demanding conditions closest to real-world use.

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